Weird Stuff You Can Buy Online

I didn’t know this was possible until just a few days ago when someone bookmarked the web page, but apparently you can buy a gallon of milk on Amazon. Yep, the site where you would normally go to buy used textbooks or sell your CD collection also sells gallons of milk. It just goes to show that you really can buy weird stuff online. Here’s what else I discovered when I really started looking.

Weird stuff to buy online from Amazon

That gallon of milk listed on Amazon was not only there and selling for $3.99, but 450 people reviewed it. While it’s weird to buy stuff like milk online (at least to me), it seems even stranger to write a review of milk like it’s a newly released DVD. One user was disappointed that the milk didn’t come at “cow temperature,” while another claimed that the milk was responsible for the deaths of Snap and Pop from the Rice Krispies trio. While the reviewers were probably more interested in flexing their literary muscles than helping consumers decide whether or not to buy the milk, the fact that so many people reviewed the milk at all says something about how weird it is to buy milk from Amazon.

Should you choose to buy the milk, Amazon also has a couple different brands of cookies listed for sale.

If buying weird stuff online appeals to you, Amazon offers both Coke and Pepsi. A 12-pack of Coke is currently selling for $3.99, and a 12-pack of Pepsi is $2.99. I guess Coke must be the current soft drink favorite to demand a higher price from Amazon’s users.

Weird stuff to buy online from Ebay

Perhaps in recognition of the fact that people really will buy weird stuff online, Ebay has designated a whole buyer category of “Other,” under which people may shop for items of varying degrees of weirdness. If shopping online before shopping at the store seems like a good idea, you can purchase all sorts of coupons from professional coupon clippers on Ebay. Right now, soymilk seems to be an incredibly popular coupon item. Although I searched, no one on Ebay is currently selling actual gallons of milk.

A whole group of Ebay celebrities has cropped up in the infamous “Other” category, competing with one another for the status that goes along with getting suckers to buy weird (and useless) items online. When I last checked, an Ebay seller’s “Imaginary Friend in a Jar” was still going for $0.99.

A woman selling “My Two Cones” lists the funniest Ebay auction I’ve seen recently. The description page is set up with multiple breast implications, commentary on the hot and sticky summer weather and sexual innuendoes, but all the winner really receives is two empty ice cream cones. Why anyone would want to receive two empty ice cream cones in the mail is beyond me, but people are apparently willing to shell out serious cash to buy weird stuff online. At last look, her two cones had multiple bidders with the price at $41.00. Yes, that’s forty-one U.S. dollars. Sheesh-I’d rather pay my electric bill.

Weird stuff to buy online from Zillion

The willingness to buy weird stuff online at exorbitant prices apparently isn’t just an American preoccupation. Zillion is New Zealand’s version of Ebay. While Zillion is predictably much smaller than Ebay, New Zealanders still have access to weird online buying potential.

Weird stuff to buy online from Zillion ranges from nominally strange to just plain goofy. Apparently, American food is quite popular in New Zealand, as half the items seem to be some form of American junk food. Everything from Fruity Pebbles cereal to Reese’s Baking Chips are available to Zillion’s New Zealand shoppers, but at a hefty price. For example, 24 cans of Black Cherry and Vanilla Coke sells for the super-reasonable price of $2.00 (New Zealand dollars), but to have it shipped there costs $76.84!

Some of my favorite current Zillion auctions include a set of 25 foot-shaped mats-perfect for making a path to your bathroom-and a plucky bloke selling advice for $2.00 a pop. That’s right, for just two measly bucks, a fellow in Aukland will answer any one question you want to ask him. Bad buyers beware, though. He won’t answer your question until your money is safely deposited in his account!

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