Welcome to MY Neighborhood

Walk on through our neighborhood & you will see –
a wonderful lady who lost her husband,yet carries on strong her name is Sandy.

A few houses down,there’s that same dog barkin’ yet again –
But wait I see Denise waving,she’s such a great friend.

Every year we hold a neighborhood yard sale together –
that’s the time we all say hi as we enjoy the spring weather.

Even the UPS & mail trucks seem to stop by every now & then –
because there’s a sweepstakes nut who seems to always win.

We also have a neighbor across the street –
who helps stray animals to find homes,pretty neat.

Just last year,a flock of 5 Peacocks flew onto her roof –
I called her & she never knew they were there,now that was cute.

Our neighborhood is quiet & sits at the mountains end –
We are so blessed with beauty and the joy it sends.

For the elderly who can rarely get out of their home –
For the kids & teenagers who love to roam.

Even though we are a small & quiet neighborhood –
We deserve a block party because we’ve been so good.

Great neighbors & friends who watch over each other –
even when we don’t all know each other personally,we are all like sisters & brothers.

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