Wet Tunes WT50 Shower Radio: Product Review

Since Apple doesn’t yet make a water-friendly iPod, I decided that a shower radio might be a worthwhile investment. For people like me, who take long showers and want some basic audio companionship, the Wet Tunes WT50 (available at Target) provides acceptable AM/FM shower radio for $15 to 20. The unit is far from perfect and requires more batteries than I’d prefer, but for those 15 minutes of water wake-up each morning, it suffices. Water-safe, convenient to hang, and brightly translucent, this Wet Tunes WT50 shower radio will work for anyone who just needs some music or news in the background during that wet wake-up time.

Note: The Wet Tunes WT 50 shower radio comes in multiple colors – all of which are that translucent
plastic often used in waterproof electronics. In case you care about the aesthetics of your shower, your color options are: blue (WT50BL), purple (WT50PL), orange (WT50OR), red (WT50RD), and grey (WT50GY).

PROS of the Wet Tunes WT50 shower radio:
– It can hang on its own from a shower caddy or a hook, but it comes with a suction cup and a cord just in case you need to suspend it differently. Regardless of your shower, you’ll find a place for the radio.
– In addition to the radio, there’s a small digital clock – a convenient little extra.
– The product is reasonably durable. Although I don’t recommend dropping it on a regular basis, it won’t fall apart if you do.
– The reception, as you can imagine, will depend largely on the location of your bathroom. It’s just an inexpensive analog radio, but I’ve never had any problem tuning in NPR or the stronger music station signals.
– Sound quality just approaches “decent” considering the low price and the fact that it’s a water-safe speaker. Don’t expect bass or astounding clarity, but you can hear the sound reasonably.
– The volume goes up a little louder than you might expect.
– This is a great product for anyone who shares a bathroom (maybe a college student?) because it’s so totable.

CONS of the Wet Tunes WT50 shower radio:
– The dial is inconvenient, especially if you’re not someone who can see well in the shower. You just have to switch stations by touch.
– The unit requires a total of three AA batteries, which seems a little excessive to me. When used daily for 10-20 minutes, they need replacement after about two months.
– WT50’s power button is too close to the volume, so it’s easy to shut it off accidentally.

Overall, the Wet Tunes WT50 shower radio delivers very basic shower sound for a reasonable price, as long as you buy AA batteries in bulk or take shorter showers. It can be purchased in a Target store, online at Target.com, or directly from eSalton. As of today, eSalton was selling it for $5 cheaper – so check there first.

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