What 2 Types of Saws Should You Have in Your Wood Shop?

Band and table saws are among the many great tools to have in your wood shop. Some people are unaware of what each saw does and their full capabilities. Experience wood workers find these saws among their favorite tools and important items to have.

It is common to think that a band saw should be use for cutting curves. While the band saw is very a capable tool for that intention there are other uses for it. Band saws are functional because they can be used to cut metals and plastics too. You can also do cut joints and cross cuts. Plus, band saws are used for ripping wood, which basically means taking a large board and cutting it into two or more other boards.

Band saws use a large blade that loops constantly. Most of the blade is hidden inside the machine, with only a small part uncovered to the user. The blade performs by cutting downward and pushing against the base. For these reasons the band saw is consider to be one of the safer tools. However, a person still must apply common safety rules and not reach around the blade or clear away pieces from the front of the blade.

The blades of a band saw have teeth only along one edge and come in various types. Carbon flex blades and sizes of Ã?¼” or 3/8″ with 6 teeth per inch are a common purchase. The thinner blades are more capable for cutting circles and curves, but they are likely to break faster. The wider blades are best for straight cuts. It is important to equal the horsepower of the machine with the size of blade that you are using.

Table saws are a common purchase because they are the workhorse of the shop. It is used in almost every project and very handy. The main use for having a table saw is for cutting the size of wood. Just like the ban saw, a table saw can be effective for ripping wood. It is also useful for constructing jigs, making repetitive cuts, slots, and grooves.

There are two main types of table saws. The bench top table saw is for light users who may not use their tool very often, or for people who need a portable tool. A bench top table saw ways about 60 to 65 pounds. However since this type of saw is smaller, it cannot cut wood that is thicker than 3″ and may not be suitable for larger projects.

The other type of table saw is a contractor saw. It is a heavier duty table saw with a larger table and weights approximately 280 pounds. A contractor saw does have a bigger motor and will cut through different thickness of wood. Having this type of saw is usually a good choice for people who are serious about woodworking.

Working with a table saw you would need to keep safety in mind at all times. A table saw has a bigger portion of blade exposed, there is an increase risk of injury to the user if they are not careful. Always keep the floor around the table saw clean and free from debris and dust. Do not wear gloves when you are working the table saw because they could easily catch on the blade. Be sure to wear ear and eye protection.

No matter if you decide to purchase a ban or table saw, they are both excellent choices. Having a wood shop is like an investment. You may use these tools to help build furniture, house repairs, and other projects. Make sure you pick the model that works best for you.

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