What Are You Downloading?

Remember Kazaa and Napster? Well if you still have them installed, your pc is now at risk. Not from the RIAA, but from the spies that now have access to your PC. Welcome to the 3rd and final in the Security series. This article will deal with finding and eliminating Spyware and adware programs. All of these programs below are Spyware and adware. Go to the control panel and select add/remove programs to check if you have any or all of the 12 programs below installed:

Date Manager Messenger Plus
Weatherbug Memory Meter
Gator Search Companion
Kazaa I-Mesh
Ezula Morpheus
Bonzai Buddy Precision Time

There are many more programs that install Spyware and adware, but these are just examples of “free” programs that install other programs without your permission.

There are certain symptoms that you may experience that may indicate you have Spyware and adware on your PC. They include but are not limited to:

Unexplained increase in the number of pops ups
Start page changes to a site you did not authorize, even though you set it already to another page
Constant slow downs of the computer
LOONG boot up times
Sometimes, sex sites get into your pc due to Spyware and adware. This is due to what the Spyware and adware program creator sends out to your computer to get paid. They may force the pc to use the internal modem to dial phone numbers that are not authorized. The biggest annoyance people complain about is that even though you delete the program that is in the start up folder, the Spyware and adware virus will recreate itself on boot up, and then infect more files with the sex information. Below I will give you some steps to eliminate these problems, as well as KCC services that can help prevent these problems in the future.

Here are some steps you can take to remove Spyware and adware. I would also uninstall the programs above if you have them. If you don’t know if any of your programs you have installed are Spyware and adware or not, just email us at support@kccatlanta.com with the name of the program and I will look it up at www.techtv.com.

You can sometimes uninstall the Spyware and adware program by going to the control panel and going to the add/remove applet, finding the program (i.e. My search Bar, Search companion, GAIN, Save a lot).
You can use one of the freeware apps on the internet to search and destroy all forms of Spyware and adware (Ad Aware (www.lavasoftusa.com, Spy Sweeper (www.webroot.com) , Spybot S & D (www.spybot.com) , and Spy Cop (http://www.spy-detection-software.com/spy_cop_home.asp) .
Use a constant service like the K�C Security Sweep whom will professionally clean and prevent pop ups and Spyware and adware programs. This $100 service not only eliminates Spyware and adware, but also eliminates pop-ups, spam, viruses, and hackers from violating your computer.
The next time a program says that it is free, DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT! Check out the reviews of the software first and make sure it is truly “free!”

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