What Can You Do If Your Child’s Kindergarten Teacher Has No Patience

Unfortunately when parents are preparing their children for school they don’t really think about whether or not the teacher has patience. When dealing with a room full of Kindergarteners who are going to school for the first time this is definitely a necessity. But if after the first few days of school you are already experiencing problems and you begin to notice that your child’s teacher is having a difficult time, here are a few steps that you can take.

1. Try speaking with the teacher privately. You can call the school to see if you can arrange a private meeting with the teacher. The one thing that you want to avoid is talking to them in front of other parents. Most teachers are more than willing to meet with parents.

2. Have a firm talk with your child. If you discover that your child is part of the problem than you should take the time to speak with your child letting them know the appropriate type of behavior for school.

3. See if the teacher is in need of volunteers. In some school districts they can not afford to hire teaching assistants, and the classes are overcrowded. So they choose to get parents to volunteer to help with various classroom activities. If you see that the teacher is overloaded you can offer your assistants.

4. Try to be understanding. You have to understand what the teacher is going through and try seeing things from their point of view. Most teachers get low pay and work a tremendous amount of hours. This is enough to stress even the most patient person out.

These are just a few suggestions that parents may find helpful in assisting the teacher. But if after all of your efforts you discover that this particular teacher just does not seem to care, then you may want to try the next level. What this means is speaking with the principal. You will want to make sure that you attempted the steps indicated above before talking to the principal. When you do finally meet with the principal try not to be to harsh on the teacher. It may be a good idea to offer a few suggestions on what you think may help.

Especially if your child is not adjusting to kindergarten because of his or her teacher. The one thing that you do not want is for your child to end up hating school because of this one teacher. In severe cases you may have to ask for your child to be switched to another class. But this is usually a very last resort and only if your child continues to have difficulty with this teacher. One last thing that you as the parent do not want to be close minded too is that the problem could just be your child. Make sure you weigh all of your options first, before jumping to any conclusions.

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