What Do All-Inclusive Vacations Typically Include?

For families, couples, and groups of friends that want to plan their next vacation, it can often be difficult to find the right time. Sometimes, it is difficult to figure out what the best deal is on a vacation to places like Disney World or New York City. However, all-inclusive vacations offer a breath of fresh air to all those computer-weary travel planners looking for sunny skies and hassle free travel.

Defining the All-Inclusive Vacation

An all-inclusive vacation is defined as a vacation that requires only payment up front for the entire vacation. That means that everything at the resort a vacationing individual is staying at is already paid for, including taxes and gratuities. These vacations don’t skimp on the frills, however, as they often include lavish restaurants, bars, fitness centers, and even areas for kids to play while their parents and family members play tennis or volleyball. While the all-inclusive vacation only includes the resort at which the vacationer is staying, many resorts and hotels give you little reason to look elsewhere for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Companies that offer All-Inclusive Vacations

Many of the major hotel chains, including Wyndam, offer resort-style vacations on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States. However, the best resource for finding all-inclusive vacations is All-Inclusive Outlet, at www.allinclusiveoutlet.com. While places like Wyndam do offer great prices for their all-inclusive vacations, All-Inclusive Outlet is a clearinghouse for information on such vacations from providers like Palace Resorts and Super Clubs. As well, All-Inclusive Outlet offers an easy to use price quote and reservation system that should be easy for anyone to use in setting up their vacation.

Advantages to All-Inclusive Vacations

People who take vacations to major tourist locations like Walt Disney World or Six Flags Great America have to constantly spend money, either in cumbersome cash or by constant use of the credit card, on tickets, food, and other items purchased during a trip. However, on an all-inclusive vacation, the price of the trip covers everything for the entire vacation. Along with making the trip simpler to plan, it is much more relaxing to know that everything is covered and that the only choice to make is whether to play tennis or go swimming.

People who should take All-Inclusive Vacations

While everyone should take an all-inclusive vacation at one time or another in their lives, there are three distinct groups that most commonly take these vacations. One group are newlyweds, as part of their honeymoon, whom often go to places like Jamaica or the Bahamas to get away from the stresses of family and work to enjoy their first days as a married couple. As well, groups of friends, either from colleges or reunions, often times take these trips to get away from familiar environments and catch up on old times or have totally new experiences to talk about in the future. Another group that typically takes all-inclusive vacations are families. Not only are all-inclusive vacation resorts offering more family friendly fare these days, but the ease of planning and executing such a vacation saves a lot of headaches for parents at every point during the trip.

Planning the All-Inclusive Vacation

Planning an all-inclusive vacation is a fairly simple process and compared to normal pay-as-you-go trips it is incredibly easy to get through. One approach to planning the vacation is to go through a travel planner, who can go over your best options for destinations and vacation plans. Knowing a good travel planner, even with the relatively cheap all-inclusive vacation, can save you hundreds of dollars down the road. Another way that people plan family or individual all-inclusive vacations is through the Internet. Some general travel sites, like www.orbitz.com, offer some all-inclusive trips but offer more general travel planning for normal business trips. However, sites like FunJet, at www.funjet.com, offer great deals on all-inclusive vacations and both online and telephone service to assist with any pricing questions or concerns.

Availability of Destinations for All-Inclusive Vacations

While some destinations in the United States may close down for the winter season, all-inclusive vacation spots never shut down and are always able to take in vacationers. Typically, websites and vacation planners need between 2 weeks and one month to set up the vacation and make sure the accommodations are available. However, destinations are open every day of the year and offer rest and relaxation to vacationers with the same focus no matter what time of day, week, month, or year.

Top All-Inclusive Vacations Destinations

Some of the top all-inclusive vacation spots include Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Cancun. Along with having beautiful coastal views and great weather, all-inclusive vacations in these spots offer a wide variety of activities like wind sailing and a great experience with people of different cultures. As well, places like Cancun and Jamaica have lively cultural events including live music and traditional dancing that make an all-inclusive vacation that much more interesting and fulfilling.

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