What Happens at the Time of Death?

What happens at the time of death?

It is funny how most people have a varying view point in regard to what happens at the time of death.

While most religions, such as Catholics and other churches of Christendom; believe that, at their death they will either go to heaven, hell or to some sort of purgatory; there are still others, who, subscribe to the idea, that at death; they will be turning into some sort of roach, domed to stepped on by an outrage house wife, or better yet a farm animal such as a chicken or a milking cow.

The latter of course is a much better choice, but nonetheless; the eventuality is still the same; death by a meal.

But really is our eventuality that selective? Is our ending at death dependent on our choice of religion or is there a definite outcome for us all?

If we are to believe the former; what happens if you are, say for most of your life a Mormon; and during your last five become a Muslim?

Is that change able to eradicate a life time of belief of the contrary? And what if, you were the very worse Hindu in the world? I mean Bad! Bad! Bad! Hitler bad and you have a revelation, and decide to change? You are now become a Christian, like a Mother Teresa type, as an example.

You then repent and do all the work that befits the true sorrow that one feels, when you are sincerely sorry for all the wrong of your former life; you make retribution and you willingly elect to be punished for your former actions. Do you now get to go to heaven when you die?

Well if all good people go to heaven, there is really no reason that you shouldn’t. I am sure that most would agree with me on that; unless of course, there is some artfully contrived loophole, which I’m not aware of.

What if things where much simpler than that? One eventuality for us all! What if at death you are just asleep? Unconscious!

This isn’t a farfetched idea if you take into account that we are all basically the same. Take away the language barriers and all the politics; and we are all the same. We are People who eventually must taste death.

In that unconscious state, your body will deteriorate like most things made of matter do, but let’s face it at this point you aren’t feeling any pain.

Your family morns your death but are at peace in the knowledge that you are not being tormented; in a fiery inferno nor needlessly floating in a limbo or purgatory, awaiting for the prayers and the contributions of the faithful left behind to spring you out of there; and get you closer to heaven.

By the way, in spite of all the clamor and hoopla, about heaven- no one seems to be in a hurry to get there unless they die.

An interesting fact for those who want to go to heaven; the bible plainly states that “No man has ascended to heaven but he that descended Jesus Christ”* I may be paraphrasing but I have read that scripture before; never does it speak of a purgatory and if there is a hell…it seems that Jesus was also there when he died, before he went to heaven. I also read this in the bible.

That whole notion of becoming some insect for a short period of time before being killed by some housewife wilding her can of Raid or ending as a meal in someone’s plate, pales in comparison to being in a total state of unconsciousness; worries of the past forgotten and the fear of an unknown future.

* That scripture is found, if you care to read it, a John 3:13. Any bible will do.

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