What Not to Bring on a Camping Excursion

In today’s technological world, it’s hard to imagine a day, even an hour without cell phones, Internet, Blackberries and email. Imagine spending an entire weekend that way! Now, don’t only imagine it – do it – and you’ll find you’ve experienced a wonderful, back to nature adventure called camping.

Camping is a timeless vacation. Whether it is to help wash away the stresses of everyday life or help rekindle family togetherness, nothing works quite like camping. How does this magic happen? In this case it is not what we bring – it is what we leave behind.

In order to experience camping as it is intended, in order to reconnect with family or gain some peace from your hectic world, the hectic world must remain behind. Forget the technology and embrace nature.

Cell Phones: Cell phones are more a part of the American way than hotdogs and apple pie these days, and while having phone contact is important in an emergency, it is not a required piece of camping equipment. Before you go on your trip, check with the campsite. If they have a payphone, stock up on quarters. If they don’t, designate one traveler to bring a cell phone. Make sure it is fully charged and vow to use it only in the case of an emergency.

Laptop Computers: Unless you are at a loss as to how to gut and cook a fish, there is no need for the Internet on a camping trip. Leave it behind. If you need to be in contact with work at all times, then it might not be a good time to go camping. But, if camping is on the agenda, then leave a “Gone Fishin’ message on your email and simply walk away from the laptop!

It’s hard to imagine that life goes on without our trusty technological advances, but it does. Not only does it go on, it can be enjoyed. So, if you want to leave it all behind, then by all means do – and go camping!

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