What Size Storage Shed Do You Need?

A storage shed effectively provides a place to keep yard and garden equipment, tools, extra storage, and more. But, how big is big enough? Determining the size is one of the first decisions you should make before building your new storage shed.

Check Zoning Regulations

Before determining the perfect size for your storage shed, check with your local building code or zoning departments about any regulations for your area. Ask if there are any size limits for outdoor structures or special building ordinances or building permits needed.

Check for Any Subdivision Rules

Check with your homeowner’s association board if your subdivision requires architectural approval for any new structures. Inquire about the approval process, size limits, setbacks, height restrictions, property line issues, deed restrictions, as well as any design, siding, or roofing restrictions.

Determining the Perfect Size

If you are not limited in size by building codes or subdivision restrictions, the first step to determining the perfect size for your new storage shed is to ask yourself a few questions. The answers will help you decide the best size to fit your needs.

What will the storage shed be used for? Do you plan to use your storage shed only for storage or do you need extra room for a workbench, potting table, or other work area?

What will go inside the shed? Let the items to be stored inside the shed help determine the space needed. Consider lawn and garden equipment, tool storage, seasonal item storage, extra storage for everyday items you need easy access to, and more. Make a written list of the large items you want to store that will take up floor space, the medium-sized items that may be stored on shelves or hooks, and the small items that may be stored on a pegboard.

What size is your site? Are you limited in size by the site where you are planning to build your storage shed? Consider how much of your backyard you want to allot to your storage shed.

Plan it Out

Once you have determined the purpose of your storage shed, what will be stored in it, and what your size limits are, it’s time to plan it out.

Place all of your large floor items on your building site to get a feel for the arrangement. Stand in the middle and see how much additional floor space you might need. Try taping or spray painting off the proposed perimeter to get a visual idea of the space planning.

Sketch out where you plan to hang shelves, hooks, and pegboards to store small and medium items. Consider room to move, traffic patterns, door and window locations, and items that will need frequent access.

By now, you should have a good feel for how big your storage shed should be, but keep the future in mind when determining the size of your shed. Allow some extra space for new tools, equipment, storage boxes, and more.

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