What Words Can Not Say

I press my body against you,
and hold you in my arms,
oh so gently.

I close my eyes,
and tenderly graze
my lips across yours.

Wile darkness begins to fall;
just let it fall
(all around us).

Hush my dear;
be silent and still.

As another day has
closed its eyes,
and laid its weary head
to sleep
beyond the horizon.

Whilest tears of joy
stream with determination
from the windows of my soul,
with vulnerability
and ecstasy.

And when I open my eyes
to see your smiling face,
I say nothing.

But that is wrong of me;
for I should tell you
how much you still mean to me.

I should tell you so much,
yet I don’t know how.

You are my life,
my best friend,
and true love.

You’ve always been there for me
(during the sunshine
and through the rain).

And for that
I thank you;
I will always thank you.

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