What You Can do to Bring Down the Cost of Fuel

These days, the rising cost of fuel is every where you look. You see it every time you fill up, in the daily news, on your electric bill, and in your bank account. The cost of fuel is causing problems for businesses, schools, and in peoples’ personal lives.

You might not think the rising cost in food has anything to do with fuel cost. It does. Produce makes it to the stores on big trucks wich use fuel. The cost is triclked down to the consumer, us. Fuel prices is hurting small business. They have a harder time covering the added cost.

On a personal note,I am one of those people effected. This is me voicing my aggrevation on the subject. Seven years ago my husband and I decided to move from the city of Austin to the small town of Bertram. The cost of living in Bertram is a faction of what it costs to survive in Austin. The problem with small town living is work is hard to find , therefore my husband and I make the 115 mile round trip into the city every week day. It is costing us and average of $300 a week just to get to and from work. We have a morgage hanging over our heads and bills that I am not going to disclose. We can not continue to pay the high cost of fuel just to work, and we can not afford to quit our jobs. We are caught between that preverbal rock.

Not only do we have to worry about our house being forclosed on, we now have the consent worry of his employment. As it stands, my husband works construction. His company is having problems covering the cost of transportation to and from jobs and the rising cost of materials. The cost of construction material has rissen 10 percent in the last year and shows no signs of slowing down. It is costing the suppliers more for the material to be delievered, which trickles down to the construction companies.

Listening to the news, one would think that the cost of fuel is nothing more than an inconvencience. I beg to differ. The high cost of fuel is costing my family more than we can pay. If things contunie at this rate, we will be homeless by the end of the year. I know we are not the only ones effected in such a negative manner. I also know that President Bush’s energy plan will do nothing to relieve our burden.

I personaly feel it is time to take matters into our hands and force the prices to go down. I plan on doing this by car pooling with my husband, cutting back on my driving and to actually stop driving on the weekends. If we can find a thousand or so people willing to do the same, prices will come down. It is the law of supply and demand. If we don’t demand as much, then we pay less.

I know your reading this wondering how convient conserving fuel is. I know it is hard to change a life style, but if we do nothing we will be looking at another gas shortage simliar to the one our country has already faced in the 70s. The question everyone should be asking is how inconveint that likely possiblility will be. If everyone could save three gallons a week, it would have a drastic effect. Three gallons does not sound like much but when you times by the amount of people, it becomes astounding.

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