What You Ought to Know About Hair Loss

Everyone loses hair during their lifetime. Sometimes you can lose nearly 100 hairs a day or more. This process is very normal and everyone in their life will experience this process. However, some people experience excessive hair loss, which is not normal.

Many things can cause extreme hair loss. Stress or sudden medical problems can cause huge amounts of hair loss at one time, but nothing that wont grow back. Hormones can also cause hair loss. Hormones in women can cause problems with their hair loss because their Thyroid is over worked or under worked. In rare cases hormonal imbalance can cause severe hair loss, but this is very rare. In women, hair loss can occur at strange times like having a baby. This is due to high levels of certain hormones that women have during pregnancy. Anybody receiving medication for certain diseases may also experience hair loss. These types of medicines are blood thinners and any kind of chemotherapy used to treat cancerous diseases. Finally, sometimes hair loss can be triggered by the oncoming of a certain disease. The disease triggers rapid and extreme hair loss. However, the most common cause of hair loss is genetics. Most people receive a baldness trait from their parents and grandparents. Over time, if the person has the trait, they will begin to lose their hair slowly.

Surprisingly, improper care of your hair can cause hair loss. Most people refuse to believe that, but it is true. People who wear pigtails or even cornrows can increase their risk of baldness. This is due to how tight the hair has been pulled together. The tighter the hair is pulled, the more scarring that occurs and damages the scalp. In some cases, certain hair products can also damage hair follicles.

Baldness is another term for hair loss, but it is usually only associated with men. Male-pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss in men. This is usually caused by a certain baldness trait carried by the man. Signs of male-pattern baldness include a receding hairline and balding on the back part of the head.

Hair loss can be treated, but it is not a 100% guaranteed that the treatment will work. Sometimes just changing your diet and medicines can stop the hair loss. If you have been sick or just plain don’t take care of your hair can also damage the scalp and hair follicles resulting in hair loss as well. If you go to a doctor to find out what is wrong, you probably will go through a number of tests including a hair exam and blood work.

At the end of the day hair loss can happen to anyone. Watching what you eat and medicines you take will help decrease the risk, but sometimes it just isn’t stoppable. There are medicines out there that can slow baldness and hair loss. The most popular one is known as Rogaine. Both women and men can use it and it is effective to a point. Another popular medicine is Propecia. It is only for men. Both medicines could take several months to work, but they are your best hope at slowing down hair loss. However, in most cases hair loss is inevitable.

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