What You Should Know About Remodeling Your Basement

Basement remodeling can transform a dingy, damp space into a cozy environment for your family to share. Basements were once used for storage purpose only. Now basements can be transformed into play rooms, extra bedrooms, media rooms centers, game halls or home offices.

Speaking purely of finances, basements cost less per square foot than the upper levels of your house to finish. You can literally double the square footage of your house for much less when finishing a basement. Home equity loans or mortgages can be used to finance your basement remodeling project. Using either financing method, remodeling your basement is a smart investment in your home that will keep appreciating in value. When my husband and I decided we needed more space in our 1,400-square foot ranch, we did the math and decided it would be a lot simpler and cheaper to finish a basement than to add an addition. Now we have a 2,800-square foot house with two additional bedrooms, a bathroom and a recreational room in the basement. Now it is quite a house!

Moisture is a major issue in many basements. Not only do some basements tend to flood, but mildew and damp smells can make basements quite unpleasant. Insulating and sealing the floors and walls can help prevent much of the mildew smell. Also, dehumidifiers should be used to cut down on the humidity. The flooding may be an issue basement remodeling cannot fix. Sometimes the best solution for a basement that floods is to leave the particular area that floods unfinished. Sump pumps can and should be used as well. If you start bringing furniture and electronics into the basement, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Lighting is one of the most important features of basement remodeling. Usually people think of basements as dark and scary places. You would be amazed how much extra lighting can do to rid of this ideology. One type of light that should never be used is fluorescent. Although natural lighting is the best, sometimes it isn’t always possible to add more windows in a basement. If this is in your budget, more windows will create a much more homey feel. Ceiling and floor lighting should generously be used if this is not possible.

Basement bathrooms not only add a lot of value to your family, but also monetary value to your home. However, installing a bathroom in a basement that hasn’t already been stubbed for a bathroom can be very difficult and costly. It the cost is still worth it to you, be aware of the challenges that lie ahead. More than likely, the cement basement floor will need to be removed.

Remodeling your basement can change it from the least visited part of the house to the most inviting. Since basement remodeling is the cheapest way to expand a house, more people are turning to this than upper level home additions.

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