What is Auto Surfing?

Auto surfing is one of the best online opportunities on the internet. All you need is a computer with internet access and a little money to spend. You don’t need to build a website and you wont need to spend any money on advertising. I f you do happen to have your own website auto surfing is a great way to get some web traffic. As your automatically web surfing your also earning advertisement credits. What is an advertising credit? An advertising credit is basically credits that can be used to advertise your website or a website that you are promoting. If you don’t have a website, don’t worry you can use auto surfing. Paid auto surf programs usually give you a referral link which you can then turn use on other auto surfing sites. So you join sites A,B, and C, then you use your referral link on sites B and C. So whenever someone from sites B or C uses your repeal link to sign up to site A they are listed as your referral. Gaining referrals gives you extra advertising credits and a commission if your referral purchases and upgrade.

Upgrades are opportunities to gain additional advertising credits and to earn more money. Since the upgrades cost money, you would be making money on your original investment plus the cost of the upgrade. Before you upgrade take a look at the daily percentage rate offered verus the length of the upgrade. Whatever the daily percentage is , isn’t exactly what you will be earning everyday. If a program offers a 1% daily interest rate for 365 days and your upgrade costs you 100 dollars, how long will it take you to earn back you original investment and what would be daily earning percentage? Sounds like one of those word problems from math class. I promise its easier to figure out these . The first 100 days you auto surf you earn back what you invested.

So that leaves 265 days of profit. First you take the 265 days and multiply it by the original daily percentage rate, which was 1%. You then take the 265% and divide it by the total number so days in the upgrade, which was 365. This means your total daily earning percentage is 0.73%. So figure out exactly what you will be earning before you decide to upgrade or not.

Once you decide wether to upgrade or not , then you must decide to compound or cash out. Compounding is basically using your earnings to upgrade. Say your original investment was 100 dollars, after thirty days of auto surfing you have made 30 dollars.. Well then you have two choices cash out or compound. If you choose to cash out, then you take your thirty buck and go have a nice dinner. Then there’s compounding which means you add that thirty bucks to the amount of your upgrade. Now instead of making thirty bucks a month you are making 39 dollars a month. Compounding always makes things a little riskier. So the safest route would be to cash out your original investment and the n compound the rest. This way you really haven’t lost any money if something happens to the website because you now have in your pocket what you originally spent.

If you decide that you like the idea of compounding make sure you check to see what the rules are for compounding on your website. Find out wether the website lets you compound at the end of the month, only once you reach the minimum upgrade amount, or during one particular week per month. Some programs wont even allow you to compound , so check first.
Always make sure you check any website before you register. There are auto surfing monitors, raters and forums. Some Auto surfing sites even have there own forums. These places are great places to learn more about the website and more about auto surfing in general. Not every auto surfing website is out to cheat you, most are honest and fair. However it’s the few that are bad apples that should make you a little cautious. You wouldn’t hand your money over to a stranger on the street so why hand it over to stranger on the internet. Make sure you know who your dealing with. Before you think about auto surfing or even using the internet make sure you have a good anti virus installed, spyware and that you checked out the site using the forums and monitors. That’s the reason these things are there , so take advantage of them. Familiarize yourself with the auto surfing in general and then with the websites you decide to register with. Remember the golden rule- never invest more than your willing to lose and you wont get hurt.

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