What is Pitta Dosha?

Pitta Dosha is one of the three “Doshas”, or constitutions that Ayurvedic Heath Pratitioners use to describe people. Pitta is often translated as “fire” or “heat”. Pitta Dosha is the Dosha in charge of transformation and things like metabolism and Bravery in battle. Pitta Dosha has the qualities of being burning, sharp, liquid, and oily. Oddly enough Pitta Dosha is described in the Charaka Samhita, a very old and revered Vedic text, as being “fire with a little bit of water”. Think of it as gasoline, it is the source of the flame, not the flame itself.

Pitta Dosha in Balance:

People with Pitta Dosha as the main Dosha, are often of medium build, warm fair skin, that may sunburn easily, and thin find hair. They are mentally and verbally sharp, purposeful, and often very ambitious. Because they have a lot of confidence as well as energy, Pitta Dosha people very often end up in careers that use those skills such as business owners. They tend to prefer cooler environments. Pitta in balance is often competitive, assertive, self confident, passionate. they are people who like to be in charge and doing things.

Pitta Out of Balance:

Put out of balance, Pitta can become sarcastic, sharp -tongue and fidgety. Pitta’s ability to transform often needs something to transform and not having that can drive them right up a wall. The unbalanced Pitta may also show a sudden lack of energy and interest in life, mental dullness and can often be seen “spinning their wheels”

Signs of a Pitta imbalance and it’s causes :

A Pitta imbalance is often caused by diet. Eating too many hot and spicy foods, fasting, skipping meals or extreme heat, as well as emotional trauma is a recipe for a Pitta Imbalance. You may have a Pitta imbalance if :

1. You are having ongoing daily problems with heartburn or acid reflux.

2. Your speech is “sharper” than normal for you. You are constantly criticizing, or making sarcastic comments.

3. You are waking up during the dark hours of the morning and can’t get back to sleep.

4. You are so “fired up” by a project at work you feel unable to stop, even to eat or sleep.

Balancing Pitta Dosha

If you are suffering from a Pitta Imbalance, you may want to try changing your eating habits and environment to re-balance yourself. Eating your main meal at noon has been known to help, as does working in a cool dry environment where you feel in control of things. Take time out to do calming activities such as strolling in the park or walking in the rain, or moonlight. Eat cool foods and heavy ones such as pasta salads or cucumber sandwiches.

Determining your Dosha:

To determine your Dosha you can either take one of the many self tests offered on-line, or consult an Ayurvedic Health Professional. If you decide to take a self test, Ayurvedahc.com has a nice one that will not only tell you your Dosha, but also give you idea’s on what herbs might be right for you.

Pitta in Balance has the power and energy to transform your life and the lives of others, but must be balanced to do so without “burning out”. Knowing your Dosha, and how to keep it balanced can help you make that transformation to the life you want to lead.

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