What is the Big Hype About Katie Couric?

Tonight is the night, when Katie Couric will “write history”. What is the big hype about her? Is it because she is the first female to anchor a nightly news show on her own. Besides her, there are two more nightly news anchors: ABC’s Charles GIibson and NBC’s Brian Williams. There have been other women out there news anchoring besides a man, like Elizabeth Vargas or Connie Chang.

How will the transition from “Today show ” to “CBS Evening News” go? Will her 15 years at the morning show bring her some kind of advantage? I don’t know, I guess it will depend on what the average person out there thinks and expects. Some people have their preferences, they like watching NBC or CBS or ABC, so sometimes the news anchor isn’t as important as the media makes him or her out to be.

Actually, I will change the channels and check out the different nightly news channels, to see which one has the better and more imformant reports. So, I think Katie Couric won’t change the way the American people go about watching their evening news.

The whole first woman to anchor a nightly news show on her own won’t last for long. Yes, she will have all her “fans” from the “Today” show but it is different going from a morning show to a nightly show. Furtermore, there will be a different audience so to speak. The nightly news show only includes news reports, not news reports, tips and entertainment like the morning show.

Just like mentioned before it has to be seen if Katie Couric can make a major differents in the nightly news section. The next couple of weeks will show us if people prefer a female or male news anchor, or if the news is the one thing that should matter.

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