What to Do If You Are Stranded in Your Boat

Depending on where you live we are entering bloating season in the United States. Those of you who live in areas that are warm year round are the lucky ones. And those of you who live where you can get out in the ocean are even luckier.

If you are not a mechanic take it into the shop and make sure it is ready for you to use. If you want to do a few checks yourself start here. Check everything that is battery operated to make sure it is working. Note the battery types and be sure and get replacements to take along with you.

If you can tighten every screw and bolt you see. Be sure your navigational system is working and you know what you are looking at. Always bring along supplies like plenty of food and water. And make sure you have a stocked first aid kit.

No matter where you live if you boat you always face the possibility of getting stranded. Here are a few things you should remember to do if you are stranded in your boat.

First of all if your boat stops running consider the basics. Did you run out of gas. Other things could be is something stuck in the engine or are you having engine problems. Of course bad weather can be a problem as well. If you are mechanical then you can check your boat our yourself. If not then what?

1. Do not panic. Give yourself time to consider why your boat stopped. Do not get in your raft and take off right away.

2. Is your radio working. Get on the radio and ask for help.

3. Consider where you are at. It is helpful for many reasons to know exactly where you are at. Are you near rocks that could damage your propellers. Other things come in to play like how deep is the water and are you experiencing high tides.

4. How long have you been in your boat. You may be able to get back to shore if you can paddle your way back.

5. Sometimes the engine may just need some rest for whatever reason and you may be able to restart it. Just wait for awhile and try this.

6. Drink plenty of water and be sure and put on sunscreen. Try and keep from getting dehydrated or sunburned.

7. Keep and eye out for other boats that might be passing by. See if they can help and use a rope to pull you back to shore or a safer spot.

To summarize when you are boating things can happen. Do your best to be prepared before hand and then stay calm and take the necessary action if it does.

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