What to Pack in Your Carry-on Luggage for a Flight

Many people, especially those who haven’t traveled a lot, are unaware that there are some very handy items and tips that can make your trip easier and less stressful. They can help relieve boredom and ensure that your flight is enjoyable as possible.

Pack Earplugs.

This cannot be emphasized enough. Earplugs are a must if you are on a long flight, or even a short one. They can block screaming children, crying babies, and everything in between. Foam earplugs are the best choice as you can still block the noise but hear landing instructions in case of an emergency or connecting flight changes.

Take a large bottle of water.

This cannot be stressed enough. Dehydration while you’re traveling is common, and since you only get a drink once or twice on your flight, there will be times when you are more than grateful for that water.

Take a nice, big fluffy jacket that will keep you warm and serve as a nice pillow

Better yet, pack a small throw. There are also things like travel pillows and other items that make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Don’t count on stopping for food or personal items at the airport.

Many times, flights take an unexpected turn and you have to be prepared; you may not have time to grab what you want. If you think you’ll need something, pack it before you get to the airport, then do a mental check. You can grab anything else you need at the airport before you board.

Take snacks that are non-perishable, or even take a small cooler
on the plane with you if your trip isn’t too long.

If you have any blood sugar issues, snacks are a must and there are many healthy ones that are available, like various nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, etc.

Take wipes.

These can serve as a quick refresher and keep your hands and face clean and germ free. There are wipes available for both hands and face, so be sure to check them out.

Get a sleeping mask.

A good sleeping mask can make all the difference when you need some good shut-eye on the plane. The mask blocks out light, so that your neighbor can read without annoying you or disrupting your sleep. If you travel first class, many times they supply these items, but you’re better off making sure you have them before you get on the plane.

Bring a book, magazine, crossword puzzles, etc.

Even if you don’t read, this could be an excellent opportunity. Long flights, and even short ones, pass more quickly with a good book or magazine. Crossword puzzles and an electronic chess board are also quite entertaining.

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