What to Pack in a Diaper Bag

Once you have a baby, preparing to go anywhere is a great feat. No longer can you slip some shoes on, run a brush through your hair, grab your keys, and run out the door. No, even a trip to the grocery store requires more than a list and your checkbook now. However, if you prepare a diaper bag ahead of time, you will only need to occasionally refill the provisions. Here is a good checklist to start with. Through trial and error, you will be able to adjust to your own family’s needs:

Diapers– This is an obvious one, of course. Try to keep at least half a dozen in the bag at a time- you never know when a few blowouts will occur.

Diaper Rash Cream– It is always good to have on hand and they can be purchased in convniently small tubes for your bag. A little A&D with each change will help keep potential rashes away.

Receiving Blankets– Keep at least two. That way, if one has been spit up on, you can still have one to cover baby with.

Diaper Changing Pad– Keep a vinyl diaper changing pad in there. It makes public changing tables more sanitary and if you are going over to someone’s house, it is much more courteous to lie something down first.

Toys– Teethers, puppets, loveys, whatever it may take to avert any boredom-induced meltdowns.

Extra Change Of Clothes– Keep socks handy, as they are easily kicked off and lost. Also, an extra onesie is always a good idea, as babies are known to erupt from both ends. (An extra shirt for you might not be a bad idea, either!)

Nasal Aspirator– For sneezy, messy noses that can often occur in the first few months of life, it is best to keep an aspirator and possibly a bottle of salin handy.

Wipes– Keep your wipes in a small travel case to cut down on overload. Be sure to check that it is full before you leave!

Bottles/Formula– If you formula feed, of course you will need to take these for longer trips.

The above is just a list of the basics. Your individual baby may require more or less on your travels. The point is to be prepared for anything. Most “surprises” with baby usually involve messes, so be sure to have plenty of things to combat that. Also, keeping a child’s hands busy needs to take priority when Mom and Dad are busy. After a while, though, you will become a seasoned pro and able to pack a diaper bag in no time at all.

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