When I Am with You

When I am with you,

I feel safe and strong,

Like nothing in this world,

Could hurt me because of your love,

That nothing else matters,

That as long as you are with me,

My world,

My life,

Is always complete,

You make the world more beautiful,

Then I could have ever dreamed,

Through my life I have been through so much,

But nothing seems to matter having you here in my arms,

When I am with you,

I feel safe and strong,

I feel like nothing else could hurt me,

As I am protected by the warmth of your touch,

And the warmth of your heart,

As we beat together,

Our lives entwine so completely together,

As we melt each other’s barriers,

Because we belong to one another,

Fate and destiny have brought us together,

We have been meant to be from that first moment,

The first moment you spoke my name,

The first moment you held that conversation with me,

I melted into the depth of you,

Knowing that I was yours from the first moment,

When I am with you,

I feel safe and strong,

Knowing that the world cannot even matter,

Because you are in my life,

And nothing in this life,

Nothing in this world,

Will ever tear me away from you,

I want to be there through it all,

The good and the bad,

The happy and sad,

I am your lady,

And you are my man,

I will be yours until the end of time,

Because when I am with you,

My heart has found home,

Home that is stronger than I ever knew,

Stronger than I could have ever hoped,

As you never stop me from smiling,

With you it is so natural,

And I want to be forever,

Forever with you,

As when I am with you,

My world is complete,

By being by your side.

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