Where to Find Organic and Natural Health Food Markets on Long Island, NY

Many supermarkets now carry a large selection of organic and natural foods, with the variety of products seeming to grow larger with each passing week. But as natural and organic food has been a niche market long before it became the current fad, and as its popularity continues to grow, many health-conscious individuals are seeking out stores and groceries dedicated solely to organic and natural foods.

If you live on Long Island, New York, you thankfully don’t have to travel too far to find a natural food market or health food store. There are plenty scattered across Long Island, some quite large, some small, but all of them catering to your needs for natural and organic food in a one-stop shopping experience.

The Green Earth Natural Foods Market in Riverhead, NY, is a large source for certified organic produce and dairy, and a large selection of organic and natural grocery products and items. As well as providing everything you would need from a natural foods grocery, including fresh baked goods, a deli, and a full-service juice bar, Green Earth Natural Foods Market also offers other items of interest for those looking to lead a healthier, natural lifestyle.

A vast spectrum of oils and aromatherapy products and large herbal apothecary, along with homeopathic remedies, sports nutrition items, and products for baby, child, and pet care all help to set Green Earth apart from other health food stores and regular supermarkets. You’ll also find imported natural products, soothing music selections, and environmentally safe household products.

For a stunningly complete selection of natural vitamins and herbs, look no further than The Natural Vitamin and Herb Source, in Middle Island, NY. At the Natural Vitamin and Herb Source you’ll find complete lines of vitamin and herbal supplements from hundreds of brand names, as well as additional natural items like insect repellants, diet aids, herbal teas, protein drinks, and much more.

You can also purchase pet supplements, books and literature, and homeopathic remedies at the Natural Vitamin and Herb Source, along with essential oils, food supplements, and other natural items to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Offering large selections of organic foods and other natural items, Sherry’s Healthy Gourmet also promises competitive pricing, a necessary factor when you consider the high prices of many natural and organic items. Sherry’s Healthy Gourmet is located in Babylon Village, NY, and was recently voted Long Island’s Best Health Food Market for 2006.

At Sherry’s Healthy Gourmet, you will find all the organic and natural groceries you desire, along with products for children and baby care, books and literature, aromatherapy, and natural bath and body care products, among many other items. Their website, http://www.sherryshealth.com is also a valuable resource for news, tips, and recipes for living a healthy lifestyle, and also offers coupons and the option for online shopping.

These are just a few of the best organic and natural food markets on Long Island. For a complete, comprehensive listing of health food markets, pick up a free copy of the Long Island Natural Pages, available in most places where natural, organic and healthy lifestyle items or services are sold.

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