Where to Find the Best Fall and Halloween Attractions for the Whole Family

Imagine taking your kids through a forest preserve or Halloween house sighting and they won’t take their attention away from their Ipod or video game. This fall and Halloween, take them on an adventure the whole family can enjoy. And trust me, it’s way better than any video game.

Halloween Mazes

Whenever you go to a Halloween or fall theme park or farm, there a tons of things the whole family can do together or seperately. Look for simple, easy games for younger children. For the older ones, a huge corn maze that will take around an hour to complete will surely keep them occupied.

The most exciting corn mazes are designed by professional, with fields carved to resemble images ranging simple geometric figures, to animals, and even the faces of presidents. But obviously these can only be seen by an overhead view. When you’re inside the maze, all you’ll see are 8 feet of corn stalks surrounding you.

There are corn mazes in nearly every state. Most are open August through Halloween or Thansgiving. Contact your state Department of Agriculture or tourism office to find one near you, or click on the map at http://www.cornfieldmaze.com

Haunted houses and forests

With young children, look for haunted barns at roadside farms where the thrills won’t get much scarier than fog machines and some simple light effects. Older children might like more scary attractions such as those found at Six Flags Theme Parks. If you’re thinking about a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, consider Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, offered 18 times between September 15 and October 31 – http://www.Disneyworld.com/

Food, farms and festivals

Pick apples, gords, and pumpkins, then let the kids help you make a pie or carve a jack-o’-lantern in the comfort of your own home. Check the Web site for your state Department of Agriculture or tourism office to find orchards and farms nearby. Try http://www.pickyourown.orgexternal link, http://www.farmstop.comexternal link or http://www.applejournal.comexternal link.

Many farms offer year round excitement. But many offer special fall festivities. This includes hay rides, pony rides, and perhaps a full blown carnival.

Fall hikes in forest preserves can also be exciting. Make a goal and help your children achieve it. Instead of doing a 5 mile hike, try some simple trails. Bring along snacks and drinks. Sit down for a quick snack in the middle of your hike. Kids will enjoy the fun and adults will enjoy the nature.

Conduct a scavenger hunt with all the children. Look for acorns or leaves, see who can find the biggest fallen leaf, and collect as many different types of leaves as you can.

Talk about safety before heading out. Stay together in the woods and remind kids to stay put and make a lot of noise if they get lost. Perhaps even pack a flashlight and a whistle if needed. Otherwise always make sure you entire group is with you.

With these simple and fun tips, you family will be sure to have an exciting fall trip.

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