Where to Get Beautiful Fixtures and Cabinetry for Your Home

It’s reassuring to know that a company has been around awhile. Thus, I feel secure using Kitchen & Lighting Designs for my home improvement projects. This business has been open since 1978 and has supplied the Cabinetry, Counter tops, and lighting for many of the homes constructed since that time.

When I entered the showroom for the first time, I was very impressed with the quality of products that were displayed. They have a very large selection of chandeliers and indoor /outdoor lighting to choose from. The entire showroom sparkles from the reflection bouncing off the crystal chandeliers. They were so beautiful. There was so much to select from, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, the helpful staff will assist you in finding just what you want in one of their Special Order catalogs. They got mine to you to me in no time at all, and they didn’t even charge me shipping! How nice is that?

They carry ceiling fans also, and they are very high quality fans. Not the cheap kind you see at the warehouse type home improvement stores. I even saw a very large, over sized ceiling fan made of bamboo. Impressive, but pricey. I was able to find the right ceiling fan for my home, at a price I could afford. The showroom is filled with beautiful artwork, artificial flowers , mirrors and small knick knacks that were really hard to pass up on. I’m going back to shop for Christmas though, because there were so many things I know would make great gifts.

The showroom is so upscale, I was honestly a bit afraid of the prices. However, once I started shopping around I felt more relieved. They were a little higher than other places but the quality was so much better, I don’t mind paying a little extra. There is a small room right in the middle of the showroom for the kids to play in, with a television and toys. Gates on both the doorways keep them from roaming around, but allowed me to be able to keep my eye on them as I shopped. That was really a nice touch.

The Cabinet Department……..WOW!! I didn’t even know where to begin. But the helpful staff assisted me by explaining the different door styles and finishes, and helped me pick out a counter top that looks fabulous! I didn’t have a clue of what I needed or wanted, but after about an hour with the salesman my mind was at ease. They had the most gorgeous vanities for the bathroom, I can’t wait to get started on that project! After I selected what I wanted, the gentleman working with me sat down on the computer and designed my kitchen right in front of me. At no charge! I was able to see what my finished kitchen would look like. Amazing!

Kitchen & Lighting Designs offer in house financing, where you make a deposit and then pay it off when the job is complete. Or you can use their financing company and make payments for six months with no added fees. I didn’t use either of those options, I just paid with my credit card, but the next time I shop it’s nice to know that the financing is available.

The company hires out men that come and install the Cabinetry. They were able to get my job done in two days, and the cabinets looked great! They didn’t charge me to deliver the cabinets either. I just paid the install fee when I paid for the cabinets themselves. I was very pleased with my experience with Kitchen & Lighting Designs and would definitely use them again.

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