Where to Get Your EBay News with a Shot of Espresso!

There are numerous sources on the web where you can get your daily dose of eBay news with your morning coffee: from the latest wacky sale to in-depth financial information Here is a list of web resources to satisfy your ebay news habit.

Google News – Check this daily for the latest tidbits on eBay. – Updated 24-7
AuctionBytes – An excellent resource for both buyer and seller. I will try and deal with issues that expand on what Auctionbytes is already talking about – updated daily during the week.
BloggingStocks – Do you want to debate the latest eBay change or questionable decision? Updated with eBay news periodically
Associated Content – My new home and great source for How to articles, tips and tricks, as well as editorials and articles from my new buddy Graham
Ebay Strategies – Scot Wingo’s blog on eBay issues. Scot is the President and CEO of ChannelAdvisor, a service I used for all of my many years on eBay.
Ecommerce-guide.com – Latest news and information on eBay
Ebay’s own Message Boards -read what eBay buyers and sellers say about eBay. A must read for eBay investors. My favorite board is the Stores Board as it is both entertaining and informative. Be prepared it sometimes gets nasty.
Ebay Announcements – Check this page for the latest eBay announcements. (This is where the infamous “Fee Increase” announcement was made.)

Fun places to go but I’m not sure how accurate the data is:
QuoteTracker by Medved -a resource for daily eBay auction counts.
Powersellersunite – A different view on eBay from a growing number of dissident Ebay Power Sellers. Check out their auction site chart for information on ebay and their competitors.
Ebay Matchups – An interesting diversion.

Well, that is all for now. I will update this list as I come across more resources. If you come across any other sites please contact me with the link above and let me know.

What’s on tap for this week?

I’m still trying to figure out the submission schedule for Associated Content so I will let you know when I can actually schedule topics and discussions but I want to discuss issues that will help the online seller reduce their dependence on any one marketplace. I will occasionally make hair-brained suggestions and deal in pure speculation; hopefully it will be both entertaining and informative.

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