Where to Get the Best Coffee in Downtown Portsmouth, NH

One thing that brings us together is coffee. People love to meet for some exotic java, and talk about what’s going on in their lives. It’s a great way to catch up with your friends, or meet some new ones. If this is something that you enjoy, then you should check out Portsmouth, NH for some of the best coffee shops in all of New England. With such an assortment of places to choose from, you can have a different type of coffee everyday if you like, and never get sick of the scene.

The first place that you should meet up with some friends at is Breaking New Grounds, located right in the heart of Market Square and downtown. Sit outside and watch the hustle and bustle of the city as you enjoy one of their 20 different types of coffee brewed daily. They also offer a number of espressos, cappuccinos, and teas for those not into the whole coffee scene. The friendly wait staff will keep you full with a wide variety of pastries including croissants, muffins, and biscotti that is to die for. It’s charm lies in the fact that the entire biker contingency from southern New Hampshire lines their bikes up just down the street from the dining area. It’s quite a sight that needs to be checked out.

Just down the street from Breaking New Grounds is the ever-popular Bagel Basket. The Bagel Basket offers more traditional morning fare like bagels and egg sandwiches, but they as well have a nice selection of coffee to compliment whatever it is you decide to munch on. They have a knack for brewing an excellent ice coffee, as well as making a frozen cappuccino shake that rivals anything else in the city. If you find yourself a little hungry, you should try their grilled chicken sandwich, available on a bagel, or their amazing chibatta bread and grilled up as a Panini. If you just want to satisfy your sweet tooth, try their lemonade slushy, perfect for those hot days during the summer.

Without a doubt, the best place to get coffee and meet up with friends is CafÃ?© Killim, located at the beginning of Daniel Street in downtown Portsmouth. Situated in an original building that the settlers built in the 17th century, its rustic charm will sweep you off your feet as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts down from the rafters. It comes down from the rafters because that’s where it’s brewed and the transferred to the baristas. CafÃ?© Killim is a coffee drinkers place. It only offers a select few tastes and styles, but they are some of the best in the world, and the owners rotate flavors on a regular basis. Try the Costa Rican, or if that’s a little too strong go for the mellow Colombian that’s been known to soothe the soul of even the most frazzled businessman. Hurry and check out this place soon, as unfortunately it’s going to be closing and will be vacating it’s building. Quite a shame.

Check out Portsmouth for it’s charm and amazing places to get a cup of joe and you will not be disappointed. It’s charming and will make you want to come back for more every time.

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