Where to Go in Italy

Stunning Italy has been known for its incomparable food, traditions, and as a place holding immense history. Tourists flood the country throughout the year visiting the astonishing museums and cathedrals but one of Italy’s most amazing places is beautiful Capri. One of the three islands that stand sentinels to the Bay of Naples, Capri sits with the Ana Capri Mountains on one side and Monte Solaro on its other. Unlike other breath-taking paradises, Capri isn’t a Latin female name but what the Greeks call “kapros” or wild boar.

Accessible by cable car, ferries or speedboats, the plaza is constantly buzzing with tourist and locals almost until sunset. A walk down a path leading away from the plaza lays a fascinating lookout point named Punta di Tragara where you can enjoy the mesmerizing Faraglioni Cliffs. Naturally decorated with various cliffs and rock formations, the Sun Mountain is the highest point on the island. The Sun Mountain blocks cold winds on the Westside of the island keeping the islands climate cool and mild making it perfect for visits from April to June as well as September to October. Despite the amazing view of the Sun Mountain, the heart of Capri is the heavenly charming little plaza Piazzetta di Capri where two can sit in the shadow of the clock tower and watch people or a group can visit one of the four exquisite bars.

Towering out of the perfect blue waters are numerous rock formations bearing names like Stella, Monacone or Faraglioni di Mezzo, faro that means light. The histories of such formations all have a history of their own. To truly get the feel of living in a fairytale with your loved one, visit the Faraglioni rock formation at night and witness them being lit up by the moonlight, even when the sunsets it’s like heaven meeting earth.

The amount of Capri’s mystical sights are endless especially on the northwestern side of the island where the world famous Grotto Azzurra, better known as the Blue Grotto. This area of the island, accessible by foot, bus or boat, will put you in awe with its intensive blue color. Sunlight travels though a small opening under water, which absorbs red light but mysterically, only allows blue light to enter the grotto. The most amazing thing about the grotto is that if you dip something into the water it will get a slivery shimmer.

From the Marino Grande, the island of Ana Capri can be reached by the five-hundred step stairway called “Scala Fenicia”, imagine the shape Sylvester Stallone would’ve been in if he ran those before a fight. Don’t be alarmed, in the last few years a street has been built to make accessibility easier to the rest of the world. Many people opt to take the stairs to simply say they walked them, just know, once you start there is no turning back.

As if Capri isn’t already mind-blowing enough, it wouldn’t be Italy with the delicious cuisine. Visitors of Capri can enjoy the “Cooking in Capri” program. A three-night two-day event is suitable for lovers looking to add a little more romance to their vacation itinerary. There is informative wine tasting during the sunset on the spectacular panoramic terrace, participate in learning basic techniques to cook a variety of traditional Caprese dishes, as well as a romantic seaside dinner at Marina Piccola. For the carb counters there is “Cooking in Low Carb Capri”, which is a four day, three night program. It features a private boat tour of all the famous grottos where swimming is encouraged and learning how to adapt to recipes that are traditionally high in carbohydrates to the low carb diet. The food is to die for all around the island but the restaurants in Lombardia, Veneto, and Campania stand out due to their original, authentic flavors and dishes.

Possessing some of the most unforgettable, unimaginable wonders of the world like the White Grotto, where limestone on the rocks only reflect white rays of light, or the Green Grotto that looks like an enormous liquid emerald makes Capri like no other place in the Mediterranean. Ladies can enjoy shopping at Amedeo Canfora, Capri Campania where hand made sandals, like the ones worn by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassi, can be purchased or she can visit Carthusia and purchase “recipes” from Cathusian monks.

Blue skies, blue water, out of this world natural wonders make up a paradise visited by many and loved by all. Vacation there and you may not leave, retire there and the last days of your life will be as if you are already in heaven.

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