Where to Rent Movies in Leavenworth

There are plenty of places to rent movies in the Leavenworth area but which ones have the best selection and deals? With three different chains to choose from and one privately owned store there are plenty of options for everyone. The three major chains offer a lot of good choices and always have good stock. The one privately owned store has some hard to find films and some unknown movies, private stores normally have some good movies that are hard to find.

So what movie stores does Leavenworth have to offer its movie fanatics? There are three major chains, Blockbuster Video, Movie Gallery, and Hollywood Video, and then Gator Video is a small privately owed movie store that operates in Leavenworth. You have plenty of choices, so which one is the best bang for your buck? It all depends on the deals you get and if you pay enough attention to get the good deals.

The best store in my opinion is Blockbuster, but only if you join their rewards program. I always thought these programs were stupid and a waste of money, but this is a great program and you get some great bargains with it. This program is only ten dollars to sign up, but they give you a free movie the night you sign up and a coupon for a free movie so you really only pay two dollars. Other perks of the program are every time you rent 5 movies you get a free rental, also Monday through Thursday if you rent a new release you get a free older rental.

They will also send you free rentals in the mail monthly, and if you sign up for the emailing list you will get additional free offers in your inbox from time to time. All of this is for a one time fee of ten dollars it a great deal, and I highly recommend it to anyone who rents a lot of movies. One down fall is that Blockbuster in Leavenworth doesn’t adhere to the no more late fees policy; they rejected the idea and went back to late fees.

I like Blockbuster’s website they have lots of good stuff on the site, with a search so you can find all the movies you love and a list of the new releases and new movies on DVD so you know when they get the movie you want. Also they have the rent online option, where you sign up for one of their plans, and you get to pick the movies you like and they ship them to you, and then when ever you are done you can ship them back. They have three different plans you can choose from, 1 movie at a time for 9.99, 2 movies at a time for 14.99, or three movies at a time for 17.99. The best part about these deals is that you also get a free in store rental coupon once a week, so you can run by your local Blockbuster and snag a free movie once a week.

Hollywood Video is another store with some decent rental promotions at their store. First they offer members a free rental on their birthdays, this goes for anyone who has a rental card, they send you a coupon. Also keep an eye our for the coupons they send you in the mail, many times they will send you a block of eight 99 cent rental coupons.

They also have their movie pass program, where you pay a monthly fee and then you can rent all the movies you can during the month. There are three different options you can choose from, there is the basic program which runs 14.99 and allows you three movies out at a time, the catch is you can only keep them for 5 days and you can only get select movies on the shelf, most new releases but not all. Then you have the premium pass which has two different options one is $24.99 where you can keep two movies at a time and have no limit on how long you can keep them, and you can get any movie in the store. Or you can choose the premium pass where you can take three movies at a time for $29.99 again with no due dates, and access to all movies in the store.

Not as good a deal as Blockbuster, but still if you rent a lot of movies nightly then the monthly plan is a great idea, I also like that there are no contracts to sign you can start and quit at any time you want, and you can sign at any store. The one thing I don’t like about the program is it doesn’t include games, those are extra. They also don’t have an online rental program; they will probably get one soon to keep up with Blockbuster.

Movie Gallery has some ok promotions as well which surprised me, first if you sign up for a new membership they will give you your first rental free. They have the rent three get one free promotion, which is just how it sounds, rent three movies or games and get your fourth free. They also have what they call the Reel Players promotion where you earn points based on what you rent, once you accumulate enough points you get free rentals. Twelve points will earn you either $3 dollars off a pre-played movie purchase or a free rental. Earning points is broken down like this Movie or Game – full price (1 point), Movie or Game – discounted (1/2 point), Equipment rental (1 point), new movie or game purchase (1 point), and pre-played movie or game (2 points).

They also have a promise that if you don’t like your rental then you get your next rental free of charge. To get this you only have to tell an associate why you didn’t like the movie and they will give you a coupon for your next visit. The catch to this is that each account is limited to 6 of these coupons per year. The last offer they have is the pre-played value plan where if you buy two pre-played games or movies you get the third one free. All of these are ok deals, nothing too special but hey they are trying, for a smaller store they have some good stuff. I like their deals on pre-played movies and games, they seem to have some good buys.

Gator Video doesn’t have any plans or monthly rental promotions, they don’t have free rentals on your birthday, but they have some hard to find titles. They are also willing to get in movies that you request, and they will take care of your every need if you ask them for assistance. Since they are small they have don’t have any special sales or anything like that and normally you will stay out of this place unless you are looking for a movie you can’t find any place else.

So there you have it, every place in Leavenworth that you can go to rent movies. You know all the different programs that they each has and the deals that you can get with memberships. So you can make the choice on what store fits your needs the best, maybe you will join all the locations and see every movie made.

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