White Chicks- Rated Version

*Gasp* “She’s going to have a B.F.!” B.F.? What’s that stand for? You’ve gotta see this movie to find out. White Chicks stars brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans as two undercover cops who don’t have the best track record with their boss.

They take the job of picking up 2 blonde socialites from an airport to protect them from a kidnapping event. During this you may hear a small variation of the song “Miss Hilton you must be worth a trillion bucks…” The brothers screw up and end up going undercover as white chicks.

Of course since they are undercover they aren’t allowed to tell others about their new ordeal. That includes the girlfriend and dates.

Do you enjoy bathroom humor? You’ll be getting a kick out of this when one of the brothers eats cheese and has a problem due to being Lactose Intolerant. This movie does require the viewer to let go of logic and enjoy silly humor throughout this movie.

I was a little concerned that this movie would contain too much sexual crude humor but that wasn’t the case. Of course everyone’s taste is different and before allowing any youngsters to see the movie, perhaps previewing beforehand is best.

The guys even learn a few things about women that girlfriends everywhere might want their boyfriends to take notice on. Overall if you’re feeling down in the dumps, check out White Chicks. Now on DVD and VHS, rated PG-13 and 109 minutes.

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