Who Will Be the Next American Idol?

American Idol is getting HOT and is soon going to be in the FINALE. Who are the top three American Idols? On Wednesday May 10th the top three idols where announced by Ryan Seacrest. Before Ryan announced the winner, Idol Taylor Hicks sang an anchor of Elvis Presley’s Famous song Jail House Rock. Then Ryan announces that “Taylor and Elliot are safe and our top two”.

Ryan asked Simon who he thought should go and he said that “Kat should go”, but in shock it was actually Chris who is going home. The Top Three American Idols are Taylor, Elliot, and Kat. Two men and one woman are going to be singing next week to see who the final two are. Do you know who will win and be America’s Next Idol?

Many fans may think it will be a close decision, but who is the favorite? Many people think that after last night’s great performance by Taylor Hicks will assure him the position of American Idol. On the other hand Elliot Yamin has also gained many fans and is a favorite to win as well. Will these two men be the two finalist of American Idol?

There is also Katharine McPhee who is in the Top three. Will America change there votes and make her the next American Idol? As of now everyone has in the Top Three have a chance to win. Depending on what songs these three Idols sing next week will determine their fate on if they move on to the next round.

American Idol is getting intense, and when these Three Idols sing next week it will be very exciting. The idols depend on America to vote for them, however America also sometimes takes the Judge’s opinions of the idols to make there decision. What will Paula, Simon, and Randy say about the Idol’s next performance? Will they give good commentary or will Simon’s harsh words be said? No one will know until next week when the idols go on the stage and sing once again. Next week will be one to the biggest and most important performances this season.

So next week make sure you turn to fox and watch American Idol and vote for the idol you think is your favorite and who you want to win. Remember that voting is a important American tradition, and in this case you’re vote is very important. Without everyone voting these normal people who have recently became super stars may become the next Idol.

Will you vote for the Soulful Taylor Hicks, or the Charming Elliot, or the beautiful Kat? If you’re reading this it is up to you to help these idols win and help make their dreams come true. Remember that these idols are just like you and me except they are lucky enough to receive the chance to become what they always wanted and that is the next idol.

Next week it’s all up to Taylor Hicks , Elliot Yamin, and Katharine McPhee to show America their wonderful talent of singing. Until next week everyone will wait in anticipation.

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