Who is Harriet Miers?

I’m sure when you found out Harriet Miers was nominated by Bush for Supreme Court Judge, you thought “who is Harriet Miers?” I know I did. I decided to do some digging and find out where Harriet Miers came from. Most of all I want to know what Bush is trying to cover up. He must have known that there were going to be a lot of questions about Ms. Miers.

The first thing I did was a simple internet search of the name Harriet Miers. Of course I found simple things like her history, date and place of birth, and such things. I did find quite a few interesting similarities between Ms. Miers and President Bush. First, they were both born and raised in Texas. Remember the don’t mess with Texas thing. We all do. Second she and President Bush worked hand in hand for years in Texas Government. But that’s not all. For quite an extended time Ms. Miers has been a personal and legal cohort of President Bush. She even followed him all the way to the White House.

There are other things about Harriet Miers that really bother me, and I’m not just talking about the stupid smirk she always makes for the cameras. Ms. Miers has never served as a judge, which by the way does not seem to be a new occurrence. Over 20 other supreme court judges had no prior bench experience. Since she does not have this experience I decided to explore the other facets of Ms. Harriet Miers personality and morals. What I found out was to say the least, shocking!

Ms. Miers has been quoted numerous times in every kind of print and internet media as saying ” President Bush is the most brilliant man I have ever met.” For me, this raises serious doubts. The only thing that Bush is brilliant at is convincing everyone he is doing the right thing. He says things like “I’m one of you” or “You know me”, intentionally tugging at the religious heart strings of every red state American. Ms. Miers is also under the spell of President Bush’s powers. She worships the man and has worked closely with him for the last twenty years or so.

Is should not be surprising to anyone that President Bush has chosen Harriet Miers as his second nominee. He is using her to divert attention from the war in Iraq. If you’re watching the court proceedings of Harriet Miers, and the previous John Roberts trial then you’re not thinking about the war. It gets worse. You remain glued to the news all day and all night and during the commercial breaks you are bombarded with advertising that say you must buy, buy, buy! It is all part of the Bush Administrations campaign for fear and consumption.

I did some more snooping and found that Harriet Miers contributed money to an anti-abortion campaign in Nebraska, Stenberg v Carhart Fame. This is not the only time that Ms. Miers has contributed funds to an anti-abortion group. During the 1980s Harriet Miers donated $150, at the bronze member level, to an anti-abortion group. During the time that Ms. Miers served as the Chair of the Texas Lottery Commission she was involved in a scandal called the Ben Barnes Payoff. Do a simple internet search of Ben Barnes and see what your search returns. Her former law firm, where she was a management member, was openly anti-union.

More recently Harriet Miers has served as the White House Attorney, filling this position when George W. Bush Jr. was elected president. Ms. Miers has been appointed as personal assistant to the president. This greatly bothers me and further proves that Ms. Miers and President Bush have plans to continue working together, even after his presidency is over. I just don’t think that we can expect Harriet Miers to uphold our unalienable and fundamental rights in a court of law. Her personal views on all subjects from abortion to democracy greatly disturb me. She has been involved in several scandals that link directly to the presidency.

Lately it was discovered that Ms. Miers likely had something to do with the identity probe leak of Valerie Plame. It is also quite interesting to note that Harriet Miers stopped contributing to democratic campaigns in or around 1988. Sometime after 1994 she only gave funds exclusively to republican parties. Harriet Miers needs to be scrutinized very closely before she is elected a supreme court judge. I am really hoping this doesn’t happen. There are going to be many less things she can refuse to comment on than John Roberts did. Even if she proclaims her standings for every issue without lying, I still don’t think she should be elected to the supreme court.

Personally I think President Bush should be impeached for his unprovoked actions in the start of the Iraq war. Every person he brought to the white house, he should take with him when he leaves, including Ms. Harriet Miers. Harriet Miers for Supreme Court Judge is a cover scandal for the war. President Bush is trying to cover something up and I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I’m not even sure I want to know.

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