Wholesale and Drop Shipping Companies

Wholesale companies and drop shipping companies have become the big hit with the work at home deal. Wholesale companies and drop shipping have also become a big hit on auctions like Ebay and Yahoo. If you sell the right items you can make pretty good money by drop shipping and buying wholesale. Their are a lot of wholesale companies and drop shipping companies out there on the web. Many people charge you for a list of wholesale companies or drop shipping companies. Most of the list are not worth the money because most of the companies no longer exist. I’m not saying all list are like that. But majority of them are. But why pay for those list when you can get all of that free? There are three websites that you can look at wholesale companies and drop shipping companies for free. Let me explain a little more about these sites.

Public Wholesale

Public Wholesale offers thousands of wholesale companies and drop shipping companies. All of the companies on Public Wholesale are checked out before they are added to the site. There is no fee what so ever. You will never pay one red cent at Public Wholesale. They have many categories to choose from. Dollar Stores, Jewelry, Electronics, and much more. This site has been around for about 3 years and is still adding companies every day. They even offer articles to help those out who are new to the drop shipping and wholesale scene. If you are a wholesale or drop shipping company, you can easily add your company to Public Wholesale for free. You don’t even need to register. I think you will find this site very useful.

Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is another outstanding site with many wholesale and drop shipping companies. This site is also 100% Free. They have over forty categories. They also offer magazines. Visit their online store to see those. You can also submit your site to Wholesale Central if you own a drop shipping company or wholesale company.

Wholesale Distributors

Wholesale Distributors is also a wonderful site that offers many wholesale companies and drop shipping companies. They have over fifty categories with many sites under those categories. This site is nicely layed out for easy navigation. And this site is packed full with companies, information and more.

I guarantee you will be satisfied and find what you are looking for from the three sites above. So don’t pay for those list anymore. Don’t waste your money on them when you can get thousands of companies on the three sites above. I’m not trying to attack the ones that are offering real list for a small price. But there are many scams out there so be careful if you still decide to buy those list. Before buying though, check out the three sites above.

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