Who’s Better? Obviously Its Brady

Over the past years people have been trying to compare star quarterbacks on NFL teams.

But how ridiculous is this comparison. Who’s better Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Obviously its Brady I mean come on guys lets just look at the facts here.

Yes Peyton Manning is a great quarterback that has great numbers, but lets look at the stats that actually mean something

Winning percentage, Brady has a 77% winning percentage while Manning only has a winning percentage of 70%. Both of these percentages are extremely good and some of you might be saying well Manning has been playing longer, while this is true we still have to give the edge to Brady because over the last decade Manning has been on much more talented teams especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Now if we look at what I call overrated stats you will see that Brady has a lower completion percentage, gets sacked two times more than Manning, and the one thing Brady does do better is that he doesn’t have as many turnovers a game.

After hearing this you would think Manning is the better quarterback. But like I said these stats don’t mean anything because lets look at the one thing that actually does matter.

“THE PLAYOFFS” Manning has only 9 wins out of 20 games in the postseason, while Brady has won 17 of his 24 postseason games. Manning has 8 division titles, Brady has 10 division titles, Manning has 2 Superbowl appearances and 1 win, while Brady has 5 Superbowl appearances and 3 victories.

Now we keep asking who’s better or we can just look at the facts. Manning is a great QB but he can’t compete with Brady because Brady comes up big when it counts and Peyton Manning seems to crumble when it counts the most.

Now if we just need something to talk about. If you want to compare somebody to Brady why not somebody like Ben Roethlisberger who has went to 3 Superbowls won 2 of them and has a higher winning percentage than Manning, and has had a history of miraculous comeback wins.

From now on lets just stay away from comparing Tom Brady to a quarterback that has never lived up to the hype.

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