Why All Throw Rugs Should Have Padding

Not all throw rugs include padding. Rag rugs slip and slide, and carpet remnants cause extensive damage over time. They are not ideal for use without padding. All throw rugs should include a padded backing, and the reasons range from comfort to safety. Various types of padding are designed for use with various types of flooring, and it can be purchased and cut to size. Even if throw rugs include backing, it is well worth the added expense.

I purchased a beautiful woven rag rug for a wood floor, but it created a hazard, especially after the floor was polished. I loved the rug, and I decided to buy the best padding I could find. It was expensive, but it solved the problem and lasted for years. All throw rugs should have padding, even if they are placed over carpeting. It provides protection, comfort and more.

Never Use Carpet Remnants Alone

People often use carpet remnants to protect their new investment, but it causes irreparable damage. The sturdy material that carpet fibers are attached to is extremely rough. It naturally moves back and forth and works like sandpaper when it is walked upon. However, carpet remnants can be used as throw rugs if padding is placed beneath.

Create a Non Slip Floor Covering

Padding should be chosen based on floor type. Some varieties are designed for hard surfaces, and others are designed for all surfaces. All throw rugs should have padding, and I purchased a roll to use with all of my floor coverings. It creates a non slip surface. Even the cheapest options can be transformed into non slip floor coverings that look and feel great.

It Extends the Life of Throw Rugs

Padding extends the life of throw rugs. The padding absorbs a lot of wear and tear, and it creates a level surface. Even the cheapest throw rugs can last longer when good padding is used. When they are expensive it is even more important to use padding since it will help the material last longer and look like new for years to come.

It Provides Cushioning and Comfort

Floors should feel warm and comfortable beneath the feet. I always use extra padding, even if they already have non-slip backing. I like the added cushioning and the comfort it provides. High quality pads also protect the floors from discoloration caused by cheap backing.

I no longer have to arrange rugs that have shifted, and the floors are extra warm. I prefer buying inexpensive rugs and high quality backing. It makes a tremendous difference in how they look and feel.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience

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