Why Bother About Bike Chains?

Let us take chains as an example. Neglecting your chains may mean future bike discrepancy. Chances are, you may end up in the hospital wing, operating room or morgue. To preclude this from happening, we must avoid chain and chain related failures through bike maintenance and inspection.

To keep mud, water and rust away, cleaning, lubricating, tightening, alignment or replacement of chain can be resorted to. The most thorough cleaning is that which detaches the chain from the bike and soaking it in kerosene, diesel fuel and other recommended solvents. However, beware of solvents that can destroy especially the o-ring chains. The remedy is not soaking but just wiping them with a solvent-soaked rag.

If you choose to lubricate other than the rest of the available remedies, the secret is thorough emersion. Soak the chains in a pan of oil for several days so as to allow the oil lubricant to flow in the chain rollers, bushigs and pins. Aside from oil, there are also spray on lubricants like WD40, TFF, CRC and more. The newest lubrication nowdays is chain wax. They provide chain a thick water and corrosion blocking coating.

Tightening and aligment of chains is a great way to enjoy the chain longer. Chains stretch up to 2 percent of its original length. Tightening and alignment is the best remedy to this. In cases of misalignment caused by the rear wheel being not in the center or improper wheel spacers causing misaligning, still, tightening and alignment is the remedy. Be sure to consult the manuals of the bike model to be guided.

Now that you know the importance of maintenance and inspection, application will be the most appropriate thing to do. Do not let knowledge sulk in the corner of your minds.. USE IT!

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