Why Do Some Teenagers Intentionally Hurt Themselves?

Have you ever heard of teenagers cutting themselves on purpose, so bad that they sometimes have to get stitches? Some people think that it is just a bizarre fad, but it really is not. What is often called self-injury can sometimes include cutting or self-mutilation. The number of teenagers who do this is slowly increasing. In some cases it can be fatal. I know that you are probably wondering how you can tell if someone is a self-injerer or cutter. There is very often little indication that they have a problem. The majority of the problem is found mostly among adolescent girls.

They often feel powerless, have difficulty trusting others with emotions, often feeling isolated or alienated, afraid, and have no self-esteem. Now I know that many parents will probably say this fits the profile of any teenager. But this is why it is important to pay close attention to your children. You will be able to tell they are having a very intense struggle with some of the problems mentioned above. Most of the time those that hurt themselves are so overwhelmed with life’s problems this is the only way that they know how to deal with them. Especially if they have no one to talk to.

By cutting themselves, it provides a kind of distraction and in their minds, gives them a sense of relief from whatever emotional anguish they may be experiencing. Although it may appear to be like they may be trying to commit suicide. But those that are trying to end their life would more than likely take more drastic measures. They think of it as a life preserver instead of an exit strategy. Many self-injurers suffer from some type of trauma, such as childhood abuse or neglect. It could also be family conflict or alcoholism of a parent.

Those who are going through this are really crying out for help. They want to quit the practice of self-injury but they do not know how. As a parent it is important to notice some of the signs and symptoms. For example if your teenager begins wearing long sleeved clothing and pants all the time, even in the summer. Usually those that cut themselves often will cut their arms or their thighs, even their stomach. If you begin noticing that your child is dressing oddly, you might want to start asking some questions.

You should expect that the response you will get when your approach your teenager will not be a good one. Especially if they are cutting, or hurting themselves. One sure way to find out is to ask to see their arms or whatever they are covering up. Do not just pass it off as some type of faze because it is not. If you do not make the effort to find out what is wrong, it may cost your child their lives. They may not be trying to kill themselves, but this could happen if they accidentally cut an artery. Take the time and talk to your children if you feel that something is wrong, you might be saving their lives, or the life of a friend.

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