Why I Couldn’t Live Without My Camera

My Canon Camera A510 model has always been right there in my pocket ever since the day I bought it off of eBay. When ever there was a gorgeous sunrise or beautiful sunset with my girlfriend, the camera and its various modes have always been perfect for the right scenes. You never know when a picture perfect setting will form, so it’s always been just my luck to have the Canon with me at all the right times. With out this camera and its amazing 3.2 MP (Mega Pixel) images, I’d miss out on so many cool pictures, along with memories that could fade away.

When it comes to pictures and me, I’m always taking them of a variety of things. It can range from plants and flowers, to my girlfriend on our dates, to animals running around in the zoo. Some pictures I have taken at perfect shots were the beautiful sunrises coming from my window in the morning. With the manual feature, I can adjust it to take a fast, high-digital quality image without flash of the sun rising in the east. No flash to prevent a white light appearing in the image itself, along with the high quality as to expand the photo on my computer screen to not notice any signs of display problems. The 3.2 MP styles have taken complete advantage with the 13 different Auto/Manual and video recording settings.

Some of my favorite pictures that I was able to capture with this wonderful camera, were the different flowers on top of a close mountain of mine, known as Mount Diablo. The best feature I can’t live without is the mini-video recording feature. This makes for perfect shots when trying to capture a friend doing something stupid, or video proof of something, or just to enjoy watching you or someone else doing something that you can look back on and laugh or cry. This feature is just awesome for a friend’s birthday party, or checking out a car after a car accident.

One of the only things I noticed this camera lacking was the ability to change between the exposure levels automatically in video mode, and more frequently in capture mode, no matter what setting. If I were to take a picture of out doors in a building, the inside would be dark and all you could clearly see is whatever is outside. Or if I were taking a picture of something indoors with the window and sun in the background, the room would be lit, but the window would have a huge bright white light pouring in the room. Other than that and the grip may being to fat for the average hand, this camera has served me well and perfectly.

The good 3.2 MP images make for higher storing capabilities on memory cards, along with longer lasting battery life as well. This is another thing that really impressed me is the battery life and capacity on a memory card. Without this camera, I wouldn’t be able to take those pictures I’ve always wanted someone who wasn’t there to see. Whether or not it is my own self sitting at my computer, months later wondering what the heck that person was doing with the bottle and tennis racket. I’m glad I bought this camera and for cheap as well. Its functionality has served me well, and so has the performance.

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