Why Parents Need to Have a Will

Unfortunately many families have to go through the sad experience of family members fighting over a dead loved ones possessions. The problem is that many people fail to realize the importance of getting a will. A will is a legal statement that tells exactly how you wish to have your property dealt with after you die. If at the time that you die you do not have a will the government will then step in and dispose of your property and your belongings. You loved ones may not get anything at all if there is nothing in writing. Many parents however tend to put off making a will, because they do not even want to think of death. But the purpose of the will is to protect your loved ones and make sure they are taken care, especially your children.

Of course there are limits to who can make a will. In some states you are required to be at least twenty one years of age at the time you write the will. This can be a problem since nowadays there are more teenage parents than ever before. In addition you will have to be mentally competent at the time the will is written. Unfortunately their are some family members who try to get their sick family members to sign a will that states they get everything. This would include trying to get someone who is drunk to sign their will. Your will does not have to be written perfectly and does not have to include all types of legal terminology. All that is required is a statement that shows it is in reality a will. There are even some wills that are not written, but are given orally. In some circumstances this is allowed.

In order to make sure that your will is done correctly according to the laws in your state you will want to seek the help of an attorney. Not to necessarily make the will valid, but to update you on the latest laws, since they do seem to change constantly. For example there are a certain amount of witnesses that are required for wills. If even the simplest of laws is not followed when you write your will, your property can be legally challenged. Many parents also tend to delay because they do not have the money to spend on an attorney. But there are huge benefits to consulting a lawyer. They can show you how to avoid expenses and taxes that would be connected with the distribution of your property to your heirs. Before you even visit the attorney you should organize and make a check list of what you want in your will.

Not only will it save you time, but it will save you money since most attorney charge by the hour. Make sure you list all of your real property, such as land that you own. Write down all the address and any additional information you have about these properties. Be specific about who gets what, this will leave no room for any problems to arise. Also you will want to choose an executor of your will. This is the person you will appoint to make sure that the provisions of the will are fulfilled. Talk to this person in advance and make sure it is something they are willing to do. Especially if there are children involved. You will also want to pick an alternate if they are unable to fulfill their obligation.

After you will is completed you should have it stored in a safe place. One suggestion is a safe deposit box at a local bank. But the downside to a safe deposit box is that it is very difficult to get access to the box after the person had died. You could leave it with a trusted friend or family member. In some states you can file it with the registers office for a small fee. You also will want to review your will on a yearly basis, since circumstances do change periodically. If you are a parent that really cares about their children you will make the effort to plan ahead for your children.

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