Why Tulip Paints Are the Best Craft Paints to Use

Go to a craft store and you’ll see all kinds of different paints: paints for wood, paints for plastics, paints for fabrics. Why purchase all those different paints, though, when one paint will do it all: Tulip Paints.

I first discovered Tulip Paints years ago when I decided to try my hand at shirt painting. I had done many crafts throughout the years, but shirt painting was one I hadn’t tried yet, so I went to the craft store to buy paints. I noticed the Tulip Brand Paints right away and decided to give them a try.

Tulip Paints are available in types. Glitter paints go on easily and become more glittery as they dry. Puffy paints swell up as they dry, giving the shirt design added dimension. Tulip Metallics give a polished metal look to any design. Tulip Slicks give the dried paint a wet look, where Tulip Opals offer a diamond sparkle to the finished product.

Tulip Paints come in individual sizes, and also in packs of 6. The six paints contain a certain type, like puffy, in six different colors. If you purchase the Tulip paints by the pack, they come in 1.25 oz sizes. If you purchase the individual paints, the containers are much larger.

What I love about Tulip Paints is that they dispense directly from the bottle, making them easy to use for shirt painting and writing. And, you can use the paints with a brush and stencils to make a completely different look. That’s just the beginning of my love affair for Tulip Paints, though. They work on wood, glass, plastic, metal – just about any surface you can imagine.

Although Tulip Paints work on many surfaces, they can be left to dry then peeled off, if there is a mistake in the design. This peel-off technique works well for glass and metal, but not on fabrics.

You can launder clothing that has been decorated with Tulip Paints but don’t use bleach or spot/stain removers. Wait for 24 hours before laundering if you’ve used the brush-on technique. For designs that have been dispensed from the bottle, wait 48 to 72 hours before laundering, depending upon how thickly the paints have been applied to the article of clothing.

Tulip paints, in the 6-pack kit, costs about seven to eight dollars, and each tube of paint can easily paint two shirts or more, depending upon how much paint you use for the particular design. They work great for covering up a small grease stain on a shirt, or to jazz up an ordinary and plain shirt.

The paints are suitable for most types of fabric, including tee shirt material, denim, satin, cotton, linen and many others. The paints are not suitable for faux fur, extremely thin fabrics, or fabrics with added embellishments, like sequin.

You can’t go wrong when you try Tulip Paints. I’ve tried other shirt paints and was not impressed, but Tulip has my vote – and my love!

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