Why You Need a Stainless Steel Table in Your Kitchen

In my 15 year career in the food service industry one thing is consistent among the different establishments I have worked in. The stainless steel table is a fundamental workstation for any commercial food preparation establishment. Many people are embracing this convenient work space into their homes as well.

My first job in the restaurant industry was as a bus boy at a neighborhood bar and grill. I liked the quick cash and the hours that worked around my high school schedule. In the kitchen was a massive stainless steel table that we used for just about everything. What I really liked about the item is that it is easily cleaned and sanitized in no time at all.

When I entered college I got a work study job in the campus cafeteria. The stainless steel table reemerged as a huge structure in the middle of the kitchen. There were a few of these spattered around the cooking area. The stainless steel table was used for nearly every aspect of prep work as well as serving and dismantling at the end of the day.

This sanitary work space was stationary in both settings but I came across a great stainless steel table that runs on wheels when I took a job with a caterer for special guest speakers on the college campus. I have to admit that I could not imagine completing one event without the stainless steel table.

The useful item helped me move a lot of food, ice, beverages and other supplies in record time. There is no better way to get things organized and in place than a portable stainless steel table. I thought that it was the best invention in the history of the food industry, at least from my perspective.

The stainless steel table is a favorite among chefs, pastry artists and service industry professionals alike. We have used the item in countless ways and it has a great reputation among those who know kitchens. There is little wonder that many of us have moved the stainless steel table into our own homes.

I opted for the stainless steel table on wheels because I found it to be the most versatile. It serves as a work station as well as a service station. I use it for big meals, parties and even wine and cheese parties. One thing I have learned through my years in professional kitchens is that no work station is complete without a stainless steel table.

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