Why You Should Do Your Spring Cleaning in the Fall

Many people look forward to Spring for many reasons, not the least of which is the yearly ritual known as Spring Cleaning. After a long winter, homeowners look forward to shaking out the dust, moving the furniture and giving the home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Although I certainly do my fair share of cleaning in the Spring, I reserve much of the yearly household deep cleaning for Fall. This article will share the reasons why you should consider doing your Spring cleaning in the Fall.

The house Will Soon Be Closed Up For The Winter. Clearing your home of all the dust and grime that accumulates in the hard to reach or obscure places of your home will ensure that you can comfortably hibernate in a nice clean home. This is especially helpful if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or experiences frequent respiratory infections in the winter.

Lack Of Pollen. Nothing frustrates me more during Spring Cleaning than opening up the windows and doors, spending hours cleaning and then turning around and finding a layer of pollen that crept into the house from an open window. If you live in an area where thick green and yellow pollen permeates every surface during the Spring, saving your Spring cleaning for the Fall ensures that you can give all the surfaces in your home a thorough cleaning without needing to go back and retrace your steps due to that pesky pollen.

Nesting Mode. When the weather turns cooler, most of us go into a nesting mode. Subconsciously we are aware that we will soon be spending a far greater time indoors and strive to make that space as clean and organized as possible. This may make you do a far more thorough job as you envision family gathering in your home for the holidays, as opposed to Spring when thoughts turn to days at the beach and the annual family vacation.

Cooler Temperatures. During the last several years in the Northeast, we have definitely experienced shorter Springs. The window of time between chilly winter and warmth of summer is getting shorter and shorter. Depending on where you live, leaving your Spring Cleaning for Fall may allow you several more days and weeks to comfortably tear the house apart and log in quite a few hours of heavy cleaning. If your Spring Cleaning typically involves touching up or repainting walls and furniture, saving the project for Fall can offer you more days of comfortable weather without any humidity.

Less Hectic Schedule. Spring means the Easter holiday, Communions, Graduations and those early birds who can’t wait to start having barbecues. People’s social lives generally tend to slow down in the Fall which means that you have more uninterrupted time to complete your heavy cleaning project.

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