Why You Should Install a Home Sprinkler System

When something in your home catches fire, what happens in the next few moments is crucial to the outcome. Most buildings have sprinkler systems in place to help minimize fire damage should one take place, but the majority of private residences do not have home sprinkler systems. If you are concerned about the devastating effects of a fire in your house, install a home sprinkler system.

(1) Home Sprinkler Systems are Affordable

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, home sprinkler systems can be purchased for as low as $1.00 per square foot of construction, and the costs are only expected to drop as home sprinkler systems become more popular. Compared to the amount of money you will lose in damaged possessions from a fire, this is a relatively low investment to protect your home and family.

(2) Home Sprinkler Systems Respond Faster

In the past, commercial and industrial sprinkler systems have been given a fair amount of bad press because they do not respond to fires that don’t reach certain temperatures. Home sprinkler systems, on the other hand, respond much faster to smaller fires because most residential fires do not burn fast and hot.

(3) Home Sprinkler Systems are Small

If you’re imagining the large, unattractive sprinkler systems that you’ll find in schools, government buildings and restaurants, then don’t worry. Home sprinkler systems are designed to fade into the décor of the room in which they are located, and are much smaller so they don’t attract as much unwanted attention.

(4) Home Sprinkler Systems Require Minimum Installation

If you are building or renovating your house, a home sprinkler system will not cost an arm and a leg. The piping and other fixtures required to install a home sprinkler system can be added on to the current construction of your home, resulting in a lower cost.

(5) Home Sprinkler Systems React Individually

You’ve probably seen movies in which a tiny fire in one room of a building will result in a drenching of every other room. That isn’t how it works. Sensors are built into each individual sprinkler so that they are only activated in the room where the fire is located. If the fire were to spread and involve other rooms, those sprinklers would be activated, but if the fire stays contained, you don’t have to worry about needlessly drenching other areas of the house.

(6) Home Sprinkler Systems Can Involve an Insurance Discount

If you have installed a home sprinkler system, you could very well qualify for a home insurance discount. Because you’ve taken extra measures to ensure the safety of your home – as well as mitigate costs of repair – your insurance company will likely give you a discount.

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