Why You Should Watch HEROES

Riveting if you are a sensitive, intriguing if you are just the average Joe or Joette . The intrigue is kindled by memories of our own experiences with information and subsequent actions that follow which have no plausible explanation for their occurrence. If the mundane remains boring , I encourage you to expand the boundaries of living inside a box by viewing a drama series that captures new insights into ancient ideologies.

“HEROES” is a story that can be understood as a channel holding a very special connection to the spirit, mind and body of extraordinary talented people. The show embraces an artists pain, a cheerleaders accomplishments, an IT consultant’s desperation to relocate and an average ‘joe’ whose brother is in politics but shares a metaphysical element in their sibling relationship. Character development shows promise for each individual possessing a particular ‘supernatural’ ability. This ability surpasses human strength, integrity, determination and compassion offering the show a ‘thumbs up’ rating for television viewers twelve and up. The entertainment, self improvement and humor elements all create a basis for realizing that all of us carry some essence of supernatural power when faced with everyday events. A must for the seeker of answers to questions that plague the mind of genius in every one of us existing in the world today with a power greater than we could ever imagine, till now.

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