Why a Paid Hosting Service is Better for an Online Business Then a Free Service

If you are a business owner and are thinking of bringing your business to the World Wide Web you are going to be needing to find a hosting service for your web site. So you might be asking yourself why should I pay for a web site hosting service where there are lots of places that will host my site for free? There are several reasons that paying for web site hosting would be more beneficial to an online business then free hosting.

A website that is cluttered with advertisements is usually one of the biggest downfalls of hosting your website with a free service. Nothing annoys consumers more then being bombarded with pop up ad after pop up ad when they are looking for goods and services to purchase.

You will most likely be saddled with a long domain name if you decide to go with a free website hosting service. This would be harmful to your website in a couple of different ways. A long domain name just does not look very professional and they are very hard to commit to memory thus limiting the traffic coming to a site. People are much more likely to visit www.yourbusiness.com then www.freehosting.com/mybusiness/user3456.htm.

Free hosting services generally do not have the resources to have a help desk staff so the customer service provided is generally the websites’ “Frequently Asked Questions” page. Also you will find that space is limited on free hosting services which would make it very hard to make changes to and eventually expand your business’s web site.

As free website hosting services make basically all of there money through advertisements any money you would care to make in this manner would be nonexistent. This should be a huge red flag for online business owners as a nice portion of their income can be made through advertisements and affiliate programs on their web site.

A paid hosting service can offer you an easy to remember domain name, several options for increasing the size of your web site and making changes, no advertisements and numerous other benefits. So business owners need to weigh all the pros and cons carefully but most will find a paid web hosting service will be much better for their online business in the long run.

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