Why is Halle Berry Considered Such a Great Beauty?

Why is Halle Berry considered such hot stuff? Why is Halle Berry considered such a beautiful woman; such a sex symbol; such a great actress? Frankly, I’m flummoxed. I’ll put aside her alleged acting talent for the moment mainly because I haven’t seen most of her movies. Still, from what I have seen, I’m underwhelmed. So underwhelmed am I by Halle Berry’s acting chops that it also stuns me when I come across the X-Men moves during their weekly appearance on FX. You see, even though I actually did see the first two X-Men movies in the theater, I always forget that Halle Berry was even in it; such is her forgettability.

But let’s focus on Halle Berry the great beauty. Maybe I just happen to live in a town with an unfairly high number of attractive women, but on any average day I come across at least a half dozen different females whom I consider to be far more attractive than Miss Berry. I’m not saying she’s ugly or anything. I am saying she’s thoroughly, unimaginatively plain.

There are any number of actresses far more beautiful than Halle Berry. But to hear how people go on and on about her you would think Halle Berry is a combination of Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Raquel Welch. I just don’t get it. My wife think Halle Berry is gorgeous. I think my wife is roughly ten times more beautiful. At the very least.

I think the case of Halle Berry as a great beauty is model example of how celebrity and popularity can turn someone who wouldn’t even win a high school beauty contest into an icon of beauty. You see it all the time, it’s not just Halle Berry who benefits from it. And it isn’t even just women. I mean can you imagine Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame even getting a date if he wasn’t famous? His is the kind of face that normally would be used to scare young kids away from walking down dark alleys at night. And remember when a good looking guy used to be tagged a “Baldwin” by young women back in the 90s? This was in reference to the Baldwin brothers, who used to be famous actors. Well, at least one of them did; the others were not exactly famous, but did occasionally appear in mostly bad movies. I never got that. I mean, sure, Alec Baldwin used to sort of good looking and Billy Baldwin had a certain pretty boy quality to him, but c’mon, the rest of that family was butt-ugly. How the heck did they ever get to the status of icon by comparison?

Not that I’m comparing the utter lack of attractiveness on Steven Tyler’s (or Stephen or Daniel Baldwin) part to Halle Berry. As I said, I don’t consider Halle Berry ugly. She’s just no great beauty is all. If you’re expecting this to evolve into a philosophic or political statement as much of my opinion pieces on pop culture do, I’m afraid you will be disappointed. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

I just really, really, really do not get why Halle Berry is considered such a great beauty.

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