Will the USA Execute Their Own Soldiers?

I was shocked by this story. And from a guy who gets most of his news from dailyrotten.com, that’s saying a lot. I didn’t get this story from dailyrotten.com though; I got it from The BBC. A word on The BBC, or more specifically BBC.com: I like The BBC. For the most part, I dig their ultra-liberal-ness and the fact that they think America is crazy because I usually can’t disagree with them. The best thing about The BBC and BBC.com is that they usually pick up the American news story that our government tries to sweep under the rug. The American Media is like a beaten dog, so whenever the military or the government try to hide a story, they usually shy away from it with their tails between their legs. But The BBC are like rogue, junkyard strays. They don’t give a fuck. They’ll run any story they catch wind of, and I appreciate that.

Moving on�

Like I said, I was pretty damn shocked by this story and, before I get into any heavy “analysis” (I guess de-analysis is more what I do), I should stress that it’s fairly likely that this won’t actually go down. Our government isn’t stupid enough to let something like this just happen; a U.S. enforced execution of U.S. soldiers isn’t exactly a good PR move (no matter what these troops did). Here’s a clip from the BBC story:

“A US army officer has recommended that four American troops face the death penalty if convicted of killing three detainees during a raid in Iraq.

Investigator Lt Col James Daniel made the recommendation in a report, after finding “aggravating circumstances”. Army Staff Sgt Raymond Girouard, Spc William Hunsaker, Pfc Corey Claggett and Spc Juston Graber have admitted the killings in Tikrit in May. They say they acted in self-defense, after the detainees tried to escape. Under military law, the maximum penalty for premeditated murder is a death sentence.

The last execution of a US soldier took place in 1961, at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.” -BBC.com

So there you go. Why isn’t this on CNN or (GASP) Fox News Channel? I guess this isn’t a good pro-war piece. To me, this story sums up how bad it must be over there. Maybe the barbaric nature of those cretins is wearing off on our guys?

RANDOM NEWS GUY: President Bush, can you give us an update on Iraq?

BUSH: Well, it’s going pretty good over thereâÂ?¦ummâÂ?¦we just executed a couple of young soldiers for killing prisoners, but that stuff happens. You can’t lose focus. I mean, remember 9/11?

Yeah, I just don’t see that execution thing happening. It’s not that I’m against it. The best thing the Bush administration could do is to mandate the slaughter of a couple of youngblood privates; that would be a disaster (read: miracle). NOTE: My personal stance on this issue, in case you wondering, is this: I don’t even think these guys should be tried. Just like I don’t think the young dudes and that psycho, butch lady should’ve been tried in the prison abuse scandal. I blame all that kind of shit on the people in charge. If there’s anyone who should be executed it’s [EDIT]. Can’t be too careful these days. Actually, that’s an understatement. Lately I’ve become a paranoid fuck.

RANDOM NEWS GUY: But President Bush, what does this execution have to do with September 11th?

BUSH: Nothing, look, I didn’t say that. Umm, umm, It’s just that the terrorists, we we’re attacked, on our soil, we can’t sit idly by and watch our freedom be compromised, you know what I mean?

No. Never. Not once.

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