Wind Power: Using a Wind Turbine to Produce Electricity

With so much concern about the price of economy, wouldn’t it be nice to have one less thing to worry about? Wouldn’t it be even nicer if that one less thing to worry about was your power bill? This is becoming more and more of a reality for so many people across the country. People are constantly looking for ways to save on electricity. While there are a lot of different options to do this, one of the fastest growing ways of saving money on electricity is creating your own by harnessing the power of the wind to create your power. This may seem complicated, but in reality, it is really a simple process.

In order to harness the wind to create your electricity, you must have a wind turbine. These can be purchased in kits, or, if you are semi-handy, you can create your own. There are different sizes of wind turbines to choose from, but they all have one thing in common. They are not small. In order to use a wind turbine, you need to be sure you have adequate space for it. Many wind turbines, even the smaller ones, stand at least twenty feet tall. You will need at least one acre of open land to house your wind turbine to create electricity. This can sometimes cause concerns with your neighbors if they live close by, so be sure you check with your local city ordinances to be sure you are complying.

After you have determined that you have adequate space for your wind turbine, it is even more so important to determine if you have enough wind power in your area to sustain your wind turbine. In order to use a wind turbine effectively, the area you live in needs to have an average annual wind speed of seven miles per hour, though it is recommended that it be ten miles per hour. If you do not have sufficient wind speed consistently, you will not be able to run your wind turbine.

Not only will you save money on your electric bill with a wind turbine, but in some cases, you will be able to make money with it. Most local power companies will partner with you. This means that if you do not have enough electricity during a certain time, like if the wind speeds are down, the electric company will provide the electricity to make up the difference. On the flip side, when there are times when your wind turbine is producing more power then you need, the electric company will purchase this power from you.

On top of saving money, you will also benefit the environment. Instead of using electricity from your power company, you will be using a perfect resource to power your home. Another benefit is that wind turbines are completely pollutant free. This is great for your finances, your health, and the well being of the entire world.

There are many benefits to consider when using a wind turbine to produce electricity. Once you are sure you have the correct facilities and wind speed, you should get started on your wind turbine right away. You will not be disappointed with the results.

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