Windows XP Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts, and More.

There are many tips, tricks, and shortcuts in Windows XP. If you spend alot of time on the computer then these shortcuts, tricks, and tips may help you out a bit.

Remove the login password screen on start up.
Are you tired of logging in every time you start windows up? If so, follow the steps below to disable the login screen.

Open your control panel, click on administrative tools, and click on local security policy. Inside your local security window you will see options in the left panel, click on password policy. In the right panel click minimum password length and reduce it to 0 – no password required. Once you have finished that go to your user account in your control panel, click on your user account and remove your password. Now when you restart your computer you will not need to login.

A few quick keyboard shortcuts for Windows XP
Have you ever surfed the web and a window pops up and there’s no way to close it? That has happened to me a few times and I know how irritating it can be. Simply press Alt + F4. That will close that pop up.

To launch the find tool press the Windows Key + F.
To minimize all your open windows press the Windows Key + D.
To launch the run button press the Windows Key + R.
To open Internet Explorer quickly press the Windows Key + E.
To lock your computer press the Windows Key + L. (To unlock it press Ctrl+Alt + Delete)
To move between applications press Alt + Tab.
To open the System Properties press the Windows Key + Pause / Break.
To refresh a page press F5.
To move the cursor to the address bar in IE press Alt + D.

How to quickly access your most used programs by assigning keyboard shortcuts to them.
Instead of going to your start menu and starting the programs you use the most, simply make keyboard shortcuts for them. Follow the steps below to make keyboard shortcuts.

Go to one of your most used programs in the start menu panel, right click on it and click properties. When the dialog box appears click on the Shortcuts tab. In the field where it says Shortcut Key, click your mouse inside of it. Then hold down Ctrl + Alt + and whatever number you want to assign to that program. Click apply and then ok. Now you can press Ctrl + Alt + whatever number you assigned to that program and it will pull up. For example I press Ctrl + Alt + 2 for my notepad to pull up. Now you can go through your programs and assign shortcuts to all of your most used programs. You can also use of keys but be careful to not use something windows xp already uses.

How to rename a folder.

To rename a folder right click on the folder, click rename in the drop-down box, and type in the new name for the folder. Once you are finished just click off the folder.

How to change the look of your mouse pointer.
Would you like for your pointer to be larger or smaller?

Open your control panel, open your mouse folder, click the Pointers tab, and choose your scheme. Select different schemes to preview them in the bottom window. Once you have chosen the one you like, click apply and then OK.

How to Uninstall programs.
When you delete a program it is still on your hard drive. To get a program completely off of your drive you need to uninstall it. To uninstall a program open your control panel, open add/remove programs, a dialog box will appear with programs in it and you just select the program that you want to remove and click remove at the bottom. It will ask you if you are sure that you want to remove this program, just click yes and it will remove it.

Alphabetize your start menu programs.
When new programs are added to your start menu, windows automatically puts them at the bottom of the list. I like to have mine in alphabetical order. Click start and when the window pops up, right click on a program and click sort by name.

Change your Windows Sounds.
Are you tired of them same old sounds you hear when you get new email or login somewhere? Well you can change them in a flash. Open your control panel, click on sound and audio device, and then click on the sound tab. Look through the events and apply the sounds you wish for those events. Once you are satisfied click apply and then ok.

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