Windows and Doors for Your Storage Shed

The days of dull, plain, and unsightly storage sheds are over. Today’s storage sheds are cute, stylish, and can actually add to the value of your home. In fact, many storage sheds built from plans may even look better than your home.

Storage sheds that resemble cottages, bungalows, carriage houses, or guesthouses are extremely popular. These types of sheds demand the need for decorative doors and windows.

To choose the best doors and windows for your storage shed, answer the following questions.

What will you use your shed for? Are you storing large items, like riding lawn mowers, and need double doors instead of a single door? Do you need windows that open to provide light and ventilation inside your storage shed during the day?

What “look” do you want for your storage shed? Do you want it to match your home? The style you choose will help dictate the appropriate doors and windows for you.


Choose wood or metal doors wide enough to accommodate your storage needs. Double doors provide easy storage access for large items. A single door may work fine if you’re just storing boxes.

Select a well-made “exterior” door for your storage shed. Interior doors are not weather durable and should never be used as an exterior door.

Install reinforced hinges on your storage shed door so it stays straight and aligned without maintenance. Galvanized steel hinges are a good choice.

Always install locking doorknobs, appropriate for exterior doors, in the style of your storage shed. Even if you don’t plan to lock your storage shed, it’s a good idea to install locking hardware in case you change your mind.

Consider building a ramp instead of a step in your storage shed’s doorway to make moving large equipment in and out of your shed easy.


Decide whether you prefer functional or non-functional windows. Functional windows open and close, but non-functional windows do not. If you plan to install functional windows, consider outside screens.

Keep size and style in mind when choosing your storage shed’s windows, especially if you want your shed to match your home.

When buying new windows for your storage shed, consider investing in quality pre-manufactured, tempered insulated glass windows made of weather resistant aluminum.

Plan where your windows will go before framing your storage shed. Draw out where you plan to install shelves and other organizational accessories. By planning, you won’t have any surprises later. Consider placing windows near workbenches or work areas. Skylights can provide extra natural light without taking up wall space.

To add style to your windows, install matching shutters and a window box full of flowers on the outside. Curtains and blinds provide light control and help with security if you are storing items you want out of plain view. Tinted glass is an option if you need sun control, but don’t want window dressings.

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