Wine Cork Drawer Knobs


Running out of ideas for all of those wine corks that you’ve been saving? It’s true that there are many craft projects that you can do to make new things for your home from corks. But there’s another way to use wine corks and it isn’t necessarily a craft project. After all, a craft project usually means that you’re making something new, but when you use corks as drawer and cabinet door knobs, you aren’t really making something new, but replacing something old. Either way, corks look great on dressers, kitchen cabinets, and other things within your house.

A wine cork is likely longer than the former cabinet or drawer pull but that’s okay. You can use the cork as it is or cut it down to be shorter. The cork can be easily cut with a one-sided razor blade, a saw, or a sharp knife. The only stipulation about using wine corks as drawer and door knobs is that all of the corks should match in length and diameter.

You’ll find it easiest to drill a hole in each cork and then put it up on the door or drawer. Even if you don’t like using power tools you’ll find it a simple matter to drill a hole in a cork with a rechargeable drill. Make sure that you have the right size drill bit to be a bit smaller in diameter than the size of the screw that you will use to attach the cork to the door or drawer.

After drilling a hole in the cork, align it with the hole of the former drawer or door pull, and put the screw in. The screw should be one that is flat at the end so that you don’t have a metal point sticking out inside of the cabinet.

Some wine corks are cylindrical, whereas others have somewhat of a ball at one end. Use either one as a new door or drawer knob; the ball-type, though, has an especially nice look for furniture and cabinets.

Even though corks have an appealing look as they are, there are no rules against painting them, and you can often create a much more modern look when you do. But painted or not, wine corks make great replacement knobs, whether the knobs are missing, or you removed them specifically to change to wine cork knobs. You’ll be surprised at just how much different a dresser, cabinet door, or kitchen drawer will look, when you give it wine cork knobs.

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